How to Share Netflix Account Safely with Family & Friends?

Hey Netflix users! Are you a regular user of Netflix and Streaming content all the time? Or Do you have some doubts and clarifications on sharing Netflix accounts with your family, friends, and loved ones? If yes, the article is only for your reference. This content is going to explain the major and basic information of Netflix and the process of how to share Netflix accounts completely. So, read the article to know the important factors of Netflix.


As you all know the process of Netflix. Here, for your reference, Netflix is the most popular media service provider. It’s from an American company. From Netflix, you can stream your favorite content at any time. It’s so expensive and you can watch it from your home. Sharing a Netflix account is a legal process between many users. If you want to use the Netflix account, you have to create the username and password for your goodwill.

Can you share a Netflix account?

The answer is Yes. You can share the Netflix account. Sometimes, somebody is using your account illegally. And this Netflix is not allowed to share the account with others officially. Even, Netflix is too expensive, people are ready to share the account with at least one person. You can share the accounts with a group of your friends and also with only one person. In the process of sharing the Netflix account, it has both pros and cons. The following section deals with the pros and cons.

How to Share Netflix Account
How to Share Netflix Account


  • You can save cash while sharing the Netflix account first.
  • A wishlist is available which you have sent to your family and friends.


  • Your privacy becomes unsafe.
  • You will not get any recommendations for your separate movie taste.

How to Share Netflix Account with family?

The Netflix account has a major profile. It provides you to get the four accounts additionally. Your family members can use the Netflix account. Here, one Netflix account is shared through five family persons. The upcoming steps are giving the information of creating the additional account.

Step1: First of all, you should log in to your Netflix from your mail id or mobile number and password.

Step2: Select your Account image and choose the Manage profiles too from the right top side.

Step3: Now, choose the option of “Add Profile”.

Step4: If you are under 16, you have to choose a Kid’s checkbox and give the name to your profile.

Step5: Select the “Continue” option.

Step6: Finally, your process of the fresh profile is successfully done. From this time onwards, your family members can use this account.

How to share Netflix Account with friends?

Friends are the most trustful relationship in the world. So, you can give your username and password to your friends. So, the process of sharing the account is the same as the above steps. Here are the steps.

Step1: You have to log in to your Netflix account on your email or phone number with a password.

Step2: There is an option on the top corner, you have to select both the options of “Account image and Manage Profiles”.

Step3: Here, you have to choose the “Add Profile”.

Step4: This time, you have to mention your friend’s name in the text box.

Step5: Choose the option of “Continue”.

Step6: Finally Your process is done. The new profile is created successfully.

Can you share Netflix Account in a Different Location?

Yes. You can share the Netflix account in any location. So, you can share the account with anyone anywhere. This process is available in any country.

Can I use someone’s Netflix Account?

The answer is Yes. You can use Others account on Netflix. But, you have to use with user’s knowledge. If you are not using it without their permission, it is considered illegal.

Final Verdict

This article gives much information and clears all your doubts and clarifications. In this content, you can know about Netflix, and how to share the Netflix account with family and friends. And also you can get some other information about the Netflix account. So, use this article without any hesitation. This article will help you at your needed time.

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