How to Setup a Roku Express, Premiere & Streaming Stick to TV? [With Screenshots]

Welcome to the most informative guide which resolves all your doubts regarding the setup of Roku to your TV. Most of the users love to Buy Roku Device to watch their favorite shows, Movies, and Important channels on Roku. Because Roku is the most secured device which does not allow any third party application in it. Due to this most of the users prefer to use Roku on their TV.

If you are one of them, looking for a high-security streaming device. Then, Choose Roku. Also, you are confused about choosing the Roku device which one to by among a lot of devices.

However, Roku has two types of devices like Roku Streaming Players and Roku TV. So, we have to discuss one by one to clearly explain the setup procedure. If you want to move directly to the Setup Roku TV. Just tap here.

Roku Streaming Player

Roku streaming player is an old fashioned way that comes of with a box with a cable to connect it to your HDMI port on your device. But, it is the best one compared to the Roku TV unless you use it another device. Actually, it can connect to any other device that supports Roku.

There are Three Models on Roku Streaming Players like Roku Express, Roku Premiere, the Roku® Streaming Stick™+. Each one has its own features which you can check on their detailed review guide.

Let’s Move on to the Setup Procedure of Roku Streaming players. The setup procedure is the same for all the Streaming Players.

How to Setup Roku Streaming Players on TV?

Setup Roku Express
How to Setup a Roku Express, Premiere & Streaming Stick to TV?

Open Up the box that you bought from the Retailers. It will consist of the possible items below.

  1. Roku Streaming Player
  2. Roku Remote
  3. HDMI Cable
  4. Power Adapter
  5. Micro USB Cable
  6. Batteries
  7. Quick Start Guide

Now, Follow the steps below to Setup Roku to TV

Step1: Connect HDMI Cable

Connect HDMI Cable
Connect HDMI Cable

Now, take your HDMI cable one end and connect it to your TV. Note down on which HDMI port you have connected the HDMI cable.

Then, Connect the other end to Roku Streaming Player.

Step2: Connect Power Adapter

Connect Roku Power Adapter
Connect Roku Power Adapter

Now, take your Micro USB cable and connect the one end to the Roku Streaming player.

And the other end to the Power Adapter. plug the Adapter to the Power source.

Step3: Turn On TV and Roku Streaming Player

Roku Logo on Screen
Roku Logo on Screen

Power on the TV first and use the AV button on your TV remote to toggle between the HDMI Connection.

Then, Turn on the Roku Device.

Now, you can see the Roku logo on your Screen.

Step4: Setup your Roku Remote

Put Battery on Remote
Put Battery on Remote

Take your Roku remote and put the batteries on it. make sure that the Roku Streaming player is kept at a direct line of sight.

Step5: Select Language

Select your language which is easy for you to read. Just select English.

Select language
Select language

Step6: Connect to Network

Select Wireless
Select Wireless

On the next screen, you will be asked to connect to a network(Wi-Fi). In case your wireless network does not appear on the screen. you can again click Scan again to see all networks.

It will search for the network and select your Wi-Fi network. if you have assigned a password for your network then enter it and click on Confirm.

However, Roku will check your Network for its requirement like an active internet connection. If all the checkboxes are green it gets to connect to the network.

In case any Red appears on the checkboxes, you can go to to check out the issues.

Step7: Update Software

Check for Software Update
Check for Software Update

Once it gets connects to the network connection. Roku Streaming Player will automatically look for the Software update. Click on Ok to begin updating the software. After updating it moves on to the next screen.

Step8: Set Display type

Select Display type
Select Display type

After the software update it movies on to select the display type. Roku automatically looks for the display type which perfectly suits for your screen.

Click on the OK button. On the next screen, it shows the display type is set to automatic. Again Click on OK.

Next screen clicks on yes, Screen looks good.

That’s it. You have a display type setup has done. On the next screen, you can find an activation requirement. Just follow the steps below to Activate Roku Player on TV.

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How to Activate Roku Streaming Player on TV?

You can find an activation code on your TV screen. So, you have to activate it by creating an account on Roku.

Step1: Open Browser on PC or Smartphone

Enter Link on browser
Enter Link on browser

Turn on your PC and open the browser. On the URL box type the URL as And click on Enter.

Its also works on smartphone but it will be easier to use on the PC to enter datas.

Step2: Enter Activation Code

Enter Code display on Screen
Enter Code display on Screen

Now, the Roku Website opens on the screen. It will ask you to enter the activation code which displays on your TV Screen. Make sure you have entered the correct Activation code.

After entering click on Submit.

Step3: Open Roku Account

Link Roku Account
Link Roku Account

On the Next Screen, it will ask you to Login or Sign up for the Roku Account.

Just click on Yes, I already have one. to log in. Otherwise, click on No, I need to Create One.

If you have click on Creating a new Roku account. It will ask you to fill up all the personal information about You. Also, you have to add your card details to your account for the purchases. After entering the details click on Save and Continue.

No charges will deduct from your card unless you buy any channel on Roku.

Step4: Select Channels

Add Some Channels
Add Some Channels

On the next step. Roku will ask to set up some of the channels for your device. just select the channels you want and click on Continue.

That’s it. It will automatically sync your account on your TV and install the Channels.

Step5: All Done

Adding Channels
Adding Channels

Now, you can see All done on your TV screen. just Move on the Home Page of Roku and start watching all your favorites channels.

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Summing Up

Hope that you have got a clear explanation of Setting Up Roku to your TV. Still facing any issues regarding the Setup Roku to TV. Feel Free to leave a comment below. However, The procedure is the same for Roku Express, Roku Premiere, the Roku® Streaming Stick™+. There will be a slight difference but it won’t affect you from setting up. There will be a huge difference only for setting Up Roku TV which you can get on a separate guide. For more Roku Tips & tricks visit

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