How to Setup and Use Zoom? [Complete Setup Guide for Newbies 2022]

Nowadays we can meet people on a virtual screen without considering the place or location. Using hand-in devices like smartphones, anyone can make video chatting within a fraction of time with people across the world. For that, everyone needs reliable and trustworthy online services. This article going to suggest one of the best video conferencing apps named zoom. In this article, you can know about How to set up and use Zoom Cloud Meetings and how to use the application easily.


Once set up the zoom app on your device, you can start hosting the meetings, make a video conferencing, and join a meeting. Before going to use the zoom on daily basis, you need to set it up once on your smartphones or computers. Setting up is nothing but the initial process of downloading and installing the zoom app. You can launch the appropriate zoom service in the form of an app for the phone or web-based software for the computers.

setup and USe Zoom App
How to setup and USe Zoom App


STEP1: Initially, turn on your computer and connect the seamless Internet access.

STEP2: Secondly, Go to chrome or any web browser and search for the official website of zoom. Or else, click this address bar which navigates you to the zoom home page

STEP3:Then, click the sign-up button. It prompts you to enter your date of birth. On the next screen, click the “Sign in with Google Account” and enter your Gmail account.

STEP4: After entering the Gmail Id, you will get an activation mail to the entered Gmail address from Zoom.

STEP5:On the next page, you need to give the username and password. After that, you can able to invite others to create a free account of Zoom through email. If you don’t want to invite others, you can skip this step.

STEP6: Now, you will get one personal meeting URL link to arrange meetings. On this page, Click an orange-colored icon named “Start Meeting Now” to make a new meeting.

STEP7: After making the first call you will get a prompt message to download the Zoom desktop app. Click to install the app on your computer.

STEP8: After finishing the installation process, you can see sign-in buttons for “Join a Meeting” and “To start your test meeting”.

STEP9: Once finishes the login process, click the orange button to start a new meeting.

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Zoom page contains four different tabs as Home, Chat, Meetings, and Contacts. In that click the “Home tab”. Within that, you can see four buttons such as a new meeting, join a current call, schedule a future event, and Share screen.


  • Open the zoom desktop app on your computer. Inside the “Home Tab”, the orange button indicates the “New Meeting” option to host a meeting immediately.
  • If you want to invite the people for your meeting, navigates your cursor to the “Contacts” tab to land on the “Participants” section.  In this, you can invite the people by sending an email with information regarding the zoom meetings.
  • Click the “Invite” button to select the participant’s list for your meeting.
  • Tap the share screen option to present your screen.


  • The chat section covers the conversation across the people at the meeting.
  • You can request the contacts from anyone inside this tab.


  • Click the Meeting section to know the information, schedule the on-going meeting, and upcoming meetings with date and time.


  • In this contacts tab, you can see the existing contacts, starred contact, cloud contacts, and company contacts lists.
  • Through the contacts tab, you can add or delete the contact list.

That’s all. Just by tapping the icons, you can easily access the zoom app on your computer to host meetings.


STEP1: First of all, take your smartphone and go to the Play store. Search for “zoom” on the search tab. Choose the required term to download the app.

STEP2: After finishing the downloading process, tap install to launch the zoom app on your mobile device.

STEP3: On the first page, it shows join a meeting or sign up and sign in to a Zoom account. Click the sign-up button.

STEP4: Next screen prompts you to enter your email address, user name, and password. Give the required credentials and click the “Sign up” option.

STEP5: Afterwards, you will get an activation email to the entered mail address. Open the mail and tap the “Activate Account” button in the email.

STEP6: After the successful activation, you will land on the first page of the zoom app. At the bottom of the screen, you have to tap the “Sign In” button.

STEP7: Finally, your test meeting will open in the zoom app. Then, you can start to make a call on the zoom application.

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Open the zoom app on your smartphone. Zoom app contains four major sections such as Meet & Chat, Meetings, Contacts, and Settings.


  • Here you can see the Meet and Chat section. Click on it. Under this, you can see the four major tabs as New Meeting, Join, Schedule, and Share Screen.
  • You can tap the appropriate section to join in meeting or schedule your meetings.


  • Click the schedule option to set the date, time, time zone, repeating the schedule for the meeting.
  • Tap save option for future use.


  • This section enables the changes you want to make in your zoom account.
  • You can set your profile photo, display name, re-set your password on this settings option. Here you can even sign out from the zoom app.


To sum up, the features contained in both web app and mobile apps are the same. The layout of the zoom service may slightly vary according to the devices. If you want a hand-in app, you can go for a Mobile application. Likewise, If you want a wider view of the pc, laptop, desktop computers, then the web app is preferable. Once you have done setting up the zoom app on the device, you can easily use the app further. Try out all the possible methods to get the zoom service on your compatible devices. If you have issues while setting up, take a look at this article to solve your queries.

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