How to Screen Mirror iPhone to Roku? [With or Without Wi-Fi]

Want to Screen mirror your iPhone to Roku?. Yes, then, you are in the right place to get the simple steps to screen mirror. Actually, Most of them love casting iPhone to Roku TV but faces lots of doubts. So, we have made a simple guide to casting the iPhone to Roku.

Screen Mirroring is available on all the Roku devices and you can make use of it. Most of them use a screen mirror application from the App store to cast to Roku. But there is no need for any third-party application top cast iPhone to Roku. All you need is the Roku Mobile app which contains all the options to screen the mirror.

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How to Screen Mirror iPhone to Roku TV?

Screen Mirror iPhone to Roku
How to Screen Mirror iPhone to Roku?

To Screen Mirror you must need requirements to check before starting it. Also, you can get an overview of the procedure in simple words. For a Detailed guide just go ahead which is available with screenshots.

  • Make Sure that iPhone and Roku are at the same WiFi network.
  • Install Roku Mobile App on your iPhone.
  • Enable Screen Mirroring on Roku
  • In Roku App, you can choose the device and select your device.
  • Then, Select media items to Screen Mirror to Roku.

How to Enable Screen Mirroring on Roku?

Step1: Turn ON your Roku device and Press the Home button on your Roku Remote.

Press Home Button Roku Remote
Press Home Button

Step2: In the Home Screen, you can find the Settings Option. Just toggle down and select Settings.

Select Settings
Select Settings

Step3: A list of options appears on the screen inside the Settings. Toggle down and select System option.

Select System
Select System

Step4: The system option will open in the next window. In it, you can find the Screen Mirroring option. Select Screen Mirroring.

Select Screen Mirroring
Select Screen Mirroring

Step5: In Screen Mirroring, you can find two options as ” Screen Mirroring Mode” & Screen Mirroring Devices”. Just Select Screen Mirroring Mode.

Select Screen Mirroring mode
Select Screen Mirroring mode

Step6: In the next screen, you will be asked to select the option to enable Screen Mirroring. Just Select Prompt.

Select prompt
Select prompt

All the steps on your Roku Device is Over. let’s Move on to Your iPhone. To begin Screen Mirroring iPhone to Roku.

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How to Mirror iPhone to Roku?

Step1: Download Roku Mobile App from the App Store.

Step2: Open Roku Mobile App.

Open Roku Remote
Open Roku Remote

Step3: In the Roku Mobile App, below you can find some options. In that, just select Devices.

Select Devices | Screen Mirror iPhone to Roku
Select Devices

Step4: It will show the device that is connected to the same WiFi network. Select the device you want to cast iPhone to Roku device.

Step5: After selecting, it will get connects iPhone to Roku.

Step6: Then, Tap on Media icon.

Select Media | Screen Mirror iPhone to Roku
Select Media

Step7: It will show some options like Photos, Videos, Music, Screensaver. Just select an option to Cast to Roku.

Select Music to Screen Mirror iPhone to Roku
Select Music to Screen Mirror

That’s it. Now, you have successfully started to Screen mirror iPhone to Roku device. Enjoy casting all your media to your Roku TV Screen.

How to Mirror iPhone to Roku without Wifi?

Most of them have a doubt about mirroring an iPhone to Roku without an Active Internet Connection. But it is possible to do it. But you will require any sources of Wi-Fi Signal even without the Internet is Good.

There are many cases that you can use it to cast iPhone to Roku without Internet.

  • Router with an Active Wi-Fi Signal. (No Internet).
  • Spare Phone with an active Mobile Hotspot.
  • Download the Airbeam App from the App store on your iPhone.

Step1: Follow the steps above to Enable Screen Mirroring Options. After Enabling follow the steps.

Step2: Install Airbeam App on your iPhone and open it.

Step3: As it is connected to the same Wi-Fir signal. So, Airbeam will automatically look for the nearby devices on the same network.

Step4: Select your Roku Device.

Step5: After selecting the device, a notification appears on the Screen to add Mirror for Roku. Click on Add Channel.

Step6: Again select the Roku device on your Airbeam TV app.

Step7: It will automatically, starts to cast your iPhone to Roku Device.

Note: The Internet will require when your first time Adding the AirBeamTV on Roku. After that, you won’t be in need of any active internet connection.

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Can I Screen Mirror iPhone to Roku TV?

yes, you can screen mirror iPhone to Roku TV by following the above methods. Just follow the steps one by one and you can cast the media from your iPhone to the Roku device.

How do I stream photos from iPhone to Roku?

Follow the steps above to enable screen mirroring and connect it to your iPhone. After connection, on your Roku Mobile App tap on the media option. In Media, you can find Photos and click on it. It will begin to stream photos from iPhone to Roku.

Bottom Line

Screen Mirroring is the most interesting one and at the same time, it is important to watch some important media files on a larger screen. So, Roku has an inbuilt screen Mirroring option for the users. However, just follow the steps above to easily screen mirror iPhone to Roku at ease.

There is much application available on the App Store for Screen mirroring best and trustable application is using Roku Mobile App. Still, got any issue regarding the screen mirroring even after following the steps above contact the Supports team.

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