How to Reset Roku Remote to resolve Roku Remote not Working?

Is your Roku Remote Not Working or Stops Responding to your commands?. Don’t Worry. It may due to some hanging issues in the Remote. So, you can simply Reset Roku Remote and resolve the issue. In this Guide, you can get to know How to Reset Roku Remote.

Hope that you would have got an idea about What is Roku and How Does it Work. Then, will move on to the Roku remote. Every Roku Devices comes up with an enhanced remote which works with the Infrared signals.

Sometimes, the error may occur due to the blocking of the infrared signals. just clear the way for the signal to reach the Roku device may work perfectly.

Also, there are many issues that occur on the Roku Remote which is deeply discussed on Roku Remote Not Working Article. Just have look at it to resolve the issues.

How to Reset Roku Remote?

Every Roku Device comes up with an Enhanced Roku Remote with advanced options. So, they keep on upgrading and kept easy ways to resolve all the issues easily. Also, For resetting remote they have kept a reset button at the back of the remote. You can just use it to reset the Roku Remote by following the steps below.

Roku Remote not Working
How to Reset Roku Remote to resolve Roku Remote not Working?

Step1: Turn Off the Roku Device by plugging out the Power Source.

Step2: Then, Take out the Batteries from the Roku Remote.

reset Roku remote
Take Off batteries

Step3: Now, Turn On the Roku Device Plugging in the Power Source.

Connect Roku Power Adapter
Connect Roku Power Adapter

Step4: Put back the batteries on Roku Remote.

Step5: At the Back of the Roku Remote, you can find a Small button as shown in the image below.

How to Reset Roku remote
Press and Hold Reset Button

Step6: Press and Hold the reset button for 5 Seconds.

Step7: After pressing the reset button, a small led light glows on your Roku remote for Paring the Remote with Roku Device.

The Roku remote has been reset. Now, you can Pair the Roku Remote with the Roku Streaming Player.

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Bottom Line

Roku is an amazing device that has a lot of features and keeps on upgrading its quality. Making all the devices & accessories user-friendly. Especially, the users can easily resolve all the issues by themself in the Roku Device. Hope that you got resolved the Roku Remote Not Working Error by Resetting the Roku Remote. Still, got any help please visit the Roku Official page.

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