How to Mute on Zoom? | A Complete Guide to Zoom Mute Button

If you are an existing user of the Zoom app, you might have experienced hearing unwanted noises. This happens when one or more of the participants are in a noisy environment and fail to mute themselves in the meeting. So, in today’s content, I’m going to give you the simple methods on how to mute on Zoom? This will be very useful to mute the participants when you are attending a crucial meeting. Come, let’s get into the content.

What is Zoom App?

Zoom is a video conferencing software that allows us to hosts online meetings and attend web conferences anywhere, anytime. This app has support on various platforms like Android, iOS, Windows. Being a reason for creating an undesired noise in a meeting won’t be ideal. There is an option to mute yourself and at the same time, you can mute the participants. This is possible if only you are the host for the meeting.

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How to Mute on Zoom App

how to Mute on Zoom
How to Mute on Zoom

This part of the content elucidates the methods to mute yourself and the participants while in a Zoom meeting. You can perform it successfully in seconds by following the below guide.

How to Mute on Zoom using Mobile?

It’s very easy to mute yourself but how to mute other participants? Continue reading.

STEP1: Join in a meeting and tap on the screen to bring up the meeting controls.

STEP2: Tap on the Mic-shaped icon at the bottom left corner to mute yourself in the meeting.

STEP3: In order to mute the participant’s audio, tap on the Manage participant’s icon at the bottom in the meeting controls.

STEP4: Now, click on the participant’s name whom you want to mute.

STEP5: It will raise a pop-up giving the option to Mute the audio of the desired participant. In the same way, you can unmute the same participant.

STEP6: You can mute all the participants by tapping on the Mute all button at the bottom right corner of the screen.

STEP7: Tap the Unmute all button to undo your preference.

How to Mute on Zoom using PC?

Continue reading to know how to mute yourself and others while using Zoom on a PC.

STEP1: After joining a meeting, hover your cursor on the screen to bring up the meeting controls.

STEP2: Tap the Mic-shaped icon at the bottom left corner to mute yourself. From now, no one can hear your voice until you unmute yourself.

STEP3: To mute a particular participant, hover over your cursor on the participant’s name.

STEP4: Now, tap on the blue color Mute button to mute that particular participant. The same method can be continued for other participants also.

STEP5: In order to manage all of your participants, tap the Manage participants option from the meeting controls.

STEP6: As a host, you can use the Mute all and Unmute all buttons at the bottom to perform the functions accordingly when needed.

STEP7: Click Continue to complete your action.

This is how you can mute yourself and others on the Zoom meeting as a host.

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That’s all. This is all you need to know about the methods to mute on Zoom. I hope this content will be useful and satisfactory. A reminder to you all that, only the meeting host has the permission and options to mute and unmute all the participants in the meeting. Use the above-given methods accordingly to make the meeting more useful and meaningful by blocking the unwanted noises.


How to mute zoom audio without muting computer audio?

Tap on the mute button in the bottom left corner of the screen to mute just yourself without muting the computer audio.

How do you mute someone on Zoom as a participant?

Navigate to the participant’s tab. Tap on the name of the particular participant and click on the Mute option to mute the participant.

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