Find Mac Address on Roku TV

How to Find Mac Address on Roku TV?

In this digital era, the usage of gadgets like Smart TVs, streaming devices, and phones has increased. Do you own a streaming device and want to find out something on your device?

In simple terms, Roku is a streaming device that can be connected to the HDMI port of your Smart TV to access it online. You can get a lot of entertainment apps, sports apps, and many more through this Roku TV.

Meanwhile, a MAC (Media Access Control) address is nothing but a physical address available on your devices. It is a unique identification number in the firmware of your network card.

How to Find Mac Address on Roku TV?

Similar to Smart TVs and other streaming devices, Roku has that unique Mac address. You can use this address or number for the identification of the device on the internet.

Find Mac Address on Roku TV
How to Find Mac Address on Roku TV?

Even this number helps if the particular device is lost. Usually, Roku’s MAC address is found on the side or bottom of your device or on the box you received it in.

If cannot find your Roku Mac address, you can simply use the below steps.

Step 1:

To begin with, connect your Roku device to your TV and turn it on.

Step 2:

Now, open the home screen of Roku on your TV and go to the Settings option.

Step 3:

From the Settings of Roku, select the Network option and choose the Wired or Wireless connection option.

Step 4:

Finally, you can see your Roku TV’s Mac address under the Ethernet address or Wired MAC address.

So, you can find the MAC address simply by following these steps which take a few seconds.

Wrapping Up

As a result, we are concluding this article after explaining how to find the Mac address on Roku TV. Also, you can just go to the settings option and select About to find the MAC address. It depends on different models of Streaming devices where you can get the address on the box itself for some models.

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