How to Clear Cache on Roku Device to Fix Problems? [with Video Tutorial]

Welcome to the next helpful guide on Roku… If you have not seen our last guide on How to Update Roku Manually. Just take a minute to look into it. In this guide, we are gonna discuss How to Clear Cache on Roku?.

Most of them have a doubt about clearing cache on Roku. Is it possible to clear the cache on Roku?. Yes, it is possible to clear the caches with the help of Roku Remote.

In case, you don’t have a Roku Remote with you. Then, We are sorry that we can’t help you with clearing the cache. Because the complete procedure is done only with Roku Remote.

What is the need for Clear Caches on Roku?

Everyone will be using lots of channels on your device. Each channel will be storing some of the caches on your device. So, that it will become a burden to the device and lacks in performance. It is good to delete the cache in order to improve the performance.

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How to Clear Cache on Roku?

Clearing Cache on Roku is so simple and it Roku device does not has an option in the settings. So, you have to use some tricks to clear the cache. Just follow the steps to clear the cache.

Turn ON Roku

Roku Device to Fix Problems
How to Clear Cache on Roku Device to Fix Problems?

Connect Roku device to HDMI port of the TV and Turn ON the Device.

Select Home

Now, Press Home Button on Your Roku Remote. So, that it would select the Home option on your TV.

Press Key Combinations

Now, Take you Roku Remote and Press the Below Key Combination as given.

Press Home Button 5 Times

Next, Press UP arrow 1 time

Then, Press Rewind 2 Times

Press Fast Forward 2 Times

Clear Cache and Restart

It takes around 15- 45 Seconds to Clear the Cache. After that, it will automatically restart the device. You have successfully cleared the cache on your Roku Device.

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Video Tutorial to Clear Cache on Roku

Clear Cache for Roku

Bottom Line

Clearing Cache is one of the most important tasks to be done in order to improve the performance of the device. Actually, we will be kept on using the device and lots of caches will be stored which reduces the performance and causes some problems on your device. So, that it is good to clear the cache on the Roku device at least once in two months. However, the same procedure can be used to restart a frozen Roku device. For more Tips & tricks on Roku, Visit Roku Matters.

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