How to Cast Now TV to TV? [Updated 2022]

Most of the users love casting their favorite shows, movies on a bigger screen like TV. So, they would love to use Chromecast and other screen Mirroring apps according to TV Compatibility. NOW TV APP Guide provides you a simple and detailed guide on ” How to Cast Now TV to TV?” or “Chromecast Now TV” with the Step by Step method. Just follow the steps below to cast now tv in a minute.

About NOW TV App

The NOW TV app is an online television. It helps the users to stream over various videos and contents. This app was launched in the year 2012 by the British satellite television provided the “sky“. The videos available includes movies, series, reality shows, live shows, sports, and so on without any contract. The app is accessible to almost 60 devices. This app stands next to popular apps like Netflix and Amazon Prime.

 The NOW TV app is accessible through various devices. TV also has the facility to access the NOW TV app by various methods. This content would help those who search for the guidelines to use the NOW TV app on television.

Features of the NOW TV App

 Let’s start up by knowing some of the special features of this NOW TV app which is more cost-effective and flexible to use. Some of the specific features of the NOW TV app are given below.

  • The NOW TV app provides us with passes. There are five passes available (movies, entertainment, Hayu, kids, sports).
  • The user can avail of the subtitles for the videos Demanded.
  • However, The user can also use the parental pin option to restrict kids from watching age-restricted videos.
  • The user can download the video and watch it offline.
  • The Now TV app can be accessed and used on multiple devices.
  • The user can also rewind and pause live videos for up to 30 mins.
  • Actually, The user should be aware that the videos do expire as per the notified date of expiry.
  • The user can also access the NOW TV Box that would help them to stream through the NOW TV app and others.

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How Cast NOW TV App to TV?

Cast Now TV to TV

How to Chromecast Now TV to TV?

Before going into the process of casting the NOW TV app using the Chromecast, the user must be ready with a television with an HDMI port, a Now TV account, Android, or iOS or smartphone with the Now app installed in it. (To note: a now TV account with the exception of the sky Sports mobile month pass. )

Step1: The user should initially plug the Chromecast device into the HDMI port of the television. And should also make sure that it connects to a power cable main.

Step2: The user must download the Google Home app to the Android or the iOS device.

Step3: The user must make sure that both are on the same WiFi Network.

Step4: When the user enters the app he or she will find a cast icon at the top right corner. The user should click it.

Step5: Now the device will show the Chromecast devices available nearby.

Step6: The user can select the Chromecast device he or she owns.

Step7: Finally, the NOW TV app screen appears on the TV screen.

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How to Cast NOW TV app to the TV using the NOW TV Smart Stick (or)the NOW TV Box.

The steps to start up with the NOW TV app on TV with the help of the NOW TV Smart Stick and the NOW TV Box is given below. If the user wants to cast the app from an Android or ios device to the TV they can follow this method too.

#1. The television should be connected with the NOW TV Smart Stick or the NOW TV Box.

#2. The user should connect the Android or the iOS device and the NOW TV Smart Stick or the NOW TV Box to the same WiFi.

#3. Users should now open the app on Android or iOS devices.

#4. The user should then tap on the NOW TV device icon at the top of the screen shown.

#5. Then the user should select the name of the NOW TV Box or the NOW TV Smart Stick.

#6. The user should select the video to watch.

#7. And then click watch on TV.

#8. The user can access the remote that can be dragged from the bottom of the screen. Thus the phone turns as remote.

#9. The user can watch the selected video on television with Android or iOS as the remote.

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To Conclude

Nowadays, it’s easier to cast various videos over the widescreen with the help of certain requirements. The user can have a fabulous experience using the big wide screens to view according to our wish.

One of the similar applications is the casting of the NOW TV app to TV. This content will help those who aspire to cast their NOW TV app to television. Various methods are given. And it is the user who should choose the most comfortable method that suits him or her.

I hope that the guide was helpful to Cast Now TV. If you found this guide helpful share it on social media. And also looking for Now TV on other devices for all Installation procedures.

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