How to Add, Self Assign, and Delete Roles on Discord?

Welcome Folks!! The article is about to explain the best platform of Discord. Hope! Everyone is aware of this source. But, in this article, you are going to see the role of discord and how to add roles to discord. Mostly, everyone wants to communicate with each other. And also want to play many games. For that, this discord will help you a lot. So, let’s get it into the topic.

Discord Roles

Discord is a popular American VoIP. It’s an instant texting and digital distribution platform. The users can communicate with each other in types of voice calls, video calls, text, and messaging. It has servers to keep the server room and video chat channels. The source runs on the devices of Mobile devices, iOS, iPad, Windows, macOS, Linux, and web browsers. It is also a type of content delivery and social media. The source is available in 27 languages.

The discord has a permission system. This system is based on roles that the user assigns to your members. These levels are operated at the server level and especially in the channel levels. It consists of 29 channels with audio, video, text, messaging, and much more. The best role of this discord is “moderator” which provides an ability to mute and ban the other members within your server.

Self Assign Roles on Discord
How to Add, Self Assign Roles on Discord

How to Add Roles in Discord?

The roles are having a prominent place in this discord source. You have the discord server already. But, you can add some other roles to your lovable members and trusted friends. So, the user should add the roles on discord. For that, do follow the steps.

Step1: First of all, on your server, you have to right-click it and select the “Server Settings” option and click the “Roles“.

Select Roles in Server Settings
Select Roles in Server Settings

Step2: Then, on the top of the page, you have to see the ” + “ option. You have to click it. This is known as the “Add” button. There, you can change the name of your new role and fix it in a different color.

Select Everyone on Roles
Select Everyone on Roles

Step3: Here, you are going to give permissions to all the new roles. So, you have to swipe down and select the “Various Permissions Available” option. And then save changes.

Click on Add Roles
Click on Add Roles

Step4: After changing all your options, your new role is completed.

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How to Self Assign Roles on Discord?

On this Discord, you can add the new role and add new roles to other members. But, you can add the roles to your own. For that, follow the upcoming steps.

Step1: To assign the role on your own, you have to create a role in the initial place. So, first of all, open the “Discord” and select the “Server” option.

Step2: There, select the “Server Name“. And choose the “Server Settings” option.

Step3: Click on “Roles” and select the ” + ” add option.

Step4: Now, you can give your name to the role and then set the Permissions, and finally click the “Save Changes” option.

Step5: At last, Your self role has been completed.

How to Assign Roles to Members?

Apart from adding roles to yourself, you can assign roles to your members and special members also.  For that, follow the below steps.

Step1: Initially, select the “Server Settings” option by clicking the right key.

Step2: Now, you have to select the “Members” option. Here, you can see the current users of the server.

Select Member to Assign Role
Select Member to Assign Role

Step3: Then, you can click the “ + ” option to enter the name to whom you want to assign the role.

Select + to Add Role
Select + to Add Role

Step4: Finally, you are able to see the roles of your selected member. Here, you can change the user name and color to match the role.

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How to Delete Roles in Discord?

If you want to delete the roles in Discord, you may have the options too. The steps are simple and easy to apply. Do follow the steps to delete the roles in discord.

Step1: First of all, right-click your server and navigate to the “Server Settings” option and then select the “Roles“.

Step2: If you want to delete the role, you have to choose it and then scroll down the select the “Delete [Role Name]” option.

Step3: Press “Okay” to complete the deleting process of your role.

Final Verdict

In the concluding part, you know that How to add the roles on your Discord and How to delete them. You also know the additional information on how to add the roles for special members. This Role Management is the most important server to this Discord Process. So, you have to be aware of these roles. Make use of this article for your reference.

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