How to Add Channels to Roku TV Device Easily for Free? [Updated]

Are you a New Roku user? Want to know some tricks or easy method to Add Channels to Roku. Then, you are in the right place to get to know about it. However, there are many options available to add channels to your Roku Device. But it takes lots of time to complete the procedure of adding channels. Still, you have got to know what is Roku? and How Does it Work?. Just check out our latest guide.

Let us make it simple for you to add channels instantly to your Roku Account. we are gonna list some of the easiest methods for adding Channels. Just follow the Methods below to Add your Favorite Channels.

Best Methods to Add Channels to Roku Device

Add Channels to Roku TV Device
How to Add Channels to Roku TV Device Easily for Free?

Roku is an amazing device with high-security features in it. So, that it won’t allow any third-party apps to install in it. The only way to watch the third party application on Roku is through the screen mirroring option.

So, you can add only the Channels or Apps that are available in the Channel Store. Also, you have to subscribe to the paid channels on the channel store. There are many Free Channels available on Roku and you can watch it.

Let’s Move on the Best Methods to Add Channels.

How to Add Channels to Roku using Roku Device?

Directly you can add channels to your Device instantly by toggling on your channel section. Actually, adding channel directly, is the best method and gives a quick response. Comparing to the other method in adding channels.

It is so simple to add channels to Roku using Roku Device. just follow the steps below to Add Channels instantly.

1. Turn ON Roku

Add Channels on Roku
Turn on Roku

Connect your Roku device to the TV HDMI Port. Then, Turn On your Roku Device and your TV.

2. Select Streaming Channel

Select Streaming Channels
Select Streaming Channels

On the Home Page of your Roku, you can find a sidebar with a list of options. Just Scroll down a using your Roku Remote and select Streaming Channels.

3. Choose Genres or Search Channel

Search and Add Channel to Roku
Search Channels

On the next screen, you can see some of the genres to browse your favorite channel. Or else you can find the Search channel option to Type and search your favorite channel.

4. Select Channel

Select and Add Channel to Roku Device
Select Your Channel

Now, Select Your Favorite Channel that appears on your screen by using your Roku Remote. Just Press OK button on your Roku remote to Open the Channel.

5. Click on Add Channel to Roku

Click on Add Channel to Roku Device
Click on Add Channel to Roku Device

Now, your Favorite channel dashboard will open on your screen. there you can find an option as Add Channel. Just select and click on OK to add your channel.

The Channel will added to your Channel List instantly. you can check and access channel from the My Channels Option.

Note: In case your channel is paid version, you will be in need of your account pin to proceed to the Payment Procedures.

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How to Add Channels to Roku using the Roku Channel Store Website?

Looking to Add channels from your PC or Mobile Browser to your Roku Device. is it possible???. Yes, it is possible to add channels from Roku Website.

But, sometimes the channel store takes some time to Sync with the Roku Device. So, you have to wait till it adds your channel. Just follow the steps below to add channel from your browser.

1. Open Browser

Open Browser to Add Channel
Browser on your PC or Mobile

Open your browser on your PC or Mobile. make sure that you have an active Internet connection.

2. Type


On your browser, type on the URL box. and click on Enter. It will take you to the Roku Channel Store.

3. Sign In Roku Account

Click on Sign In
Click on Sign In

On the Top Menu bar, you can find a Sign In option. Tap on it and sign in using your Roku Account.

4. Search Channel

Add Channels to Roku
Type and Search your channel

After logging in, you can find an option Search. Just Type your favorite channel and click on Enter.

5. Select Channel

Select Channel
Select Channel

Now, you can find a list of channels. Just select your favorite channel and open it.

6. Click on Add Channels to Roku

Add Channel on Roku
Click on Add Channel

In the Channel Dashboard, you can find the Add Channel option. Just Tap on it to add a channel to the Roku device. Also, You can click on Return to all channels to go back.

Now, the channel has added to your Roku device successfully. Open your Roku Device and find your channel at My channel.

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How to Add Channels to Roku Using Roku Mobile App?

Everyone is using mobile these days and can install the Roku Application on it. Because users are more comfortable in using the mobile rather than a TV. So, you can log in to the Roku Mobile app and you can add your favorite channels by following the below steps.

Download Mobile App

You can find the Roku Mobile App on Both the App Store and Google Play Store.

Open the Application

Open Remote App
Open Remote

If you are using it for the first time then, you have to connect it to the Roku Device.

Select Channel Store

Select Channels
Select Channels

In the Roku Mobile App, you can find a list of options below. just Select Channels in that option.

Search Channel

There you can find a list of channels and you can browse and select your favorite channel. Otherwise, you can use the search or voice option to search your channels.

Select Channel

Once you got your channel, tap on the Channel icon to Open it.

Click on Add Channels to Roku

In the dashboard of the channel, you can find an option as Add Channel. Click on it. In case, the application is paid, you have to use your Roku Account Pin to continue your Payment Process.

That’s it. You have added a channel to your Roku device using your Mobile Application.

Video Tutorial to Add Channels to Roku device

Video Tutorial

Bottom Line

These are the Best Methods to add Channels to Roku easily. Actually, the best method to add channels to Roku is using your Roku Device. Because it adds the channels instantly and you can watch as soon as you add a channel.

But in the remaining two methods, you need to wait for the Roku device to Sync with your account. Still that, you need to wait to watch your favorite channels. Hope that you got an idea on How to Add Channels to Roku Device. For more Roku Tips & Tricks, Visit Roku Matters.


How much does it cost to add channels to Roku?

Most of the channels are available free of cost and only some channels are paid. So, you have to Pay for that channel according to their packages. Apart from it, Roku does not charge any fee for your using and activation.

Are channels free on Roku?

Yes, Channels are free on Roku. But some of the channels require a subscription to be done for watching. Apart from it, the remaining channels are free to use. You can add free channels to Roku by using the above methods.

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