How to Add and Watch History Channel on Roku?[Updated 2022]

History channels are always interesting in watching the shows to know about the past happening in the world. Only a few applications are available like History TV and some of them provide some useless shows to watch. But the History channel provides interesting shows like The Curse of Oak Island, Alone, and much more. Looking to Add History Channel on Roku and have no idea how to add it???. No Worries!. Roku Matters helps you with a short & simple Guide to Add History Channel on Roku in a minute.

About History Channel

History Channel is developed by A&E Networks which keeps on providing the stories of historic events. By using the History channel, you can watch Live Shows, what happened on this day, and some interesting facts. They keep on digging the old stuffs happened in the world and show it on their channel.

Most Popular Shows

  • America’s Book of Secrets: Special Edition
  • Apocalypse Earth
  • MonsterQuest specials
  • The Curse of Oak Islands
  • Alone
  • Forged in Fire
  • The UnXplained
  • America Picks
  • America: Our Defining Hours
  • Mountain Men

Still, there are many shows available on the History Channels. Also, They provide information according to the date wise happenings in the world.

How to Add History Channel on Roku?

However, the History channel is available on the Roku Channel Store. So, it is so easy to Add History Channel. Still, you haven’t done it at setup Roku streaming player. then, check out How to Setup a Roku Express, Premiere & Streaming Stick to TV?

History Channel on Roku
How to Add and Watch History Channel on Roku?

After the Setup Roku Follow the steps below.

Step1: Turn on your Roku Device and your TV.

Step2: On the Home Screen of Roku, you can find list of options. In that click on Search.

Step3: In Search, Type History and click on Ok using Roku Remote.

Step4: It will search for History Channel and you can get the channel below.

Step5: Tap on the History channel and open it.

Step6: In the History dashboard, you can find Add Channel option. Tap on it.

Step7: Now, the channel will added to your channel list.

How to Activate History channel for Roku?

Step1: To activate the History Channel move to the following Link.

Channel store
Open Link

Step2: Tap on Roku option.

Add History channel on Roku
Select Roku

Step3: Select your Provider

Download History channel
Select Providers

Step4: Enter your Activation Code displayed on your TV Screen.

Install History on Roku
Enter Activation Code

Step5: Click on Continue.

History for RokuTV
Click on Continue

That’s it. Now, your History Channel will activate on RokuTV. Now, you can start watching all your favorite shows.

How to Watch History Channel on Roku?

Have you added History Channel to Roku???… No, then follow the steps above to add history to Roku. Adding the channels, follow the steps to Watch History on Roku.

Step1: Power On Roku Device.

Step2: On the Home Screen, you can find a sidebar with options. In that click on My Channels.

Step3: In my channels, you can find History Channel. Just tap on it to open.

Now, you can start watching all your favorite shows on History for Roku.

Summing Up

The History channel is really the best channel to know what happened on this day till now. Really, an awesome channel for hearing the historic events in the world. Hope that you have added History Channel to Roku and started watching. Roku is the best streaming device that provides high security and easy to add channels. Still, in need of any other Roku Channels check on

Frequently Asked Questions

Is History Channel on Roku is Free?

Yes, History Channel is available at free of cost. So, you can just go to the channels store and add History to Roku. Or you can just follow the steps above to add it.

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