How to Install Google Chrome on Samsung TV?

Most peoples use Samsung Smart TVs and enjoy specific channels. But, here we have many features to enjoy unlimited shows, music, etc. To have more fun, we should install the Google Chrome app.  In my article, I will give you clear information about how to install Google Chrome using  Samsung Smart Tv. Just follow my steps to get more information about Samsung Smart  Tv.

About Google Chrome

Google Chrome is a Cross-platform web browser developed by Google. It was originated in 2008 for Microsoft Windows and built with Free Software components from Apple WebKit and Mozilla Firefox. With the version of Google Chrome 4.1, the application has added a built-in translation bar using Google translate. When we think of Web browsers, the first browser that comes to our mind is Google Chrome. Currently, there are 52 languages available for language translation. The user can install the app on Smart Tv, which helps to stream their favorite shows. There are many smart Tv users, Chrome can be accessed through desktops and Androids. So it is easy to connect it with Smart TVs using variable methods.

How to Install Google Chrome on Samsung Smart Tv?

Google Chrome on Samsung Smart TV
How to Install Google Chrome on Samsung Smart TV?

There is no dedicated Chrome browser app on Samsung Smart Tv.  So we use the Screen mirroring method to install. We have two methods to access Chrome on Smart Tv.

  • Wireless method
  • Wired method.

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How to Use Google Chrome on Samsung Tv using Wireless method?


Connect Chromecast to Samsung Tv.


Make sure that your android mobile and Smart Tv are connected with the same WI-FI Internet connection.


In your Android mobile, go for Quick panel and select Screen Cast. 


By selecting, your screen will be Mirrored with the connected device.


Now, you can get Google chrome on your screen using the Chromecast device on Samsung’s smart Tv.

How to Use Google Chrome on Samsung Tv using Wired method?

You have the following steps to get Google Chrome on Samsung smart Tv using the wired method.


Pair up your PC and Samsung Smart Tv using HDMI Cable.


Press the Input button on your remote.


Opt for the right HDMI Source for your PC.


Then, your PC Screen will be Mirrored on your Tv.


Search for Google Chrome on your PC, and it will display on your Samsung smart tv.

How to Install Google Chrome on Samsung Smart Tv using USB Drive?


Switch on your Tv and enable the Unknown Source App on the Samsung Smart Tv.


Download the APK file of chrome on your PC.


Now, connect USB Drive to your PC and transfer the APK File of your chrome.


After that, remove USB Drive from the PC and install ES File Explorer on Samsung Smart Tv.


Pair up a USB Drive with your Tv and tap the Input button on your remote.


Now go to the folder and choose Apk File of Chrome on your USB Drive that you have transferred already. Click to download.


Now you install the Chrome browser on your Tv from USB Drive. After installing, remove the drive that you have inserted.


And now, you get GoogleChrome On Samsung Smart Tv.


Here, I conclude that the above information gives you a better idea to install the respective browser on Samsung smart Tv. By following these methods, you can easily access chrome on your connected device. And you can watch your needs that you want. I hope my article is helpful for you. Thanks for reading.

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Is Google Chrome available on Samsung Smart Tv?

No, it is not available directly to get Chrome on Samsung Tv. We can install it through side load options like screen mirroring and using USB Drive.

What are the Streaming services and subscriptions on  Samsung Smart TV?

The streaming services are Netflix, youtube, and amazon prime video.  The subscription to Samsung Smart Tv is 100% free. It is just free tv

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