The 5 Fast and Best DNS for PS4 & PS5 in 2022

Hey guys. Have you got stuck with your unsmooth internet connection while playing the games? Have you ever noticed why it was happening? It is due to the interruption that occurs in the speed of the Internet in the PS4 console. The DNS server provides low bandwidth internet to the PS4 console. That’s why you may face problems related to unreliable internet access. There are many trust-worthy DNS available for PS4 consoles. Make use of them to get seamless internet access. Scroll down your cursor point towards the down to get more stuff.

What is DNS?

Before going to discuss with top-rated DNS, let us read out the small gist of DNS. Domain Name System, simply abbreviated as DNS. It works as a translater for your browser. For instance, if you enter any website on the web browser, the DNS translates the actual hostname into the form of an IP address. As we all know, IP address seems like numerical digits. To make it in simple terms, the DNS acts as a phone book for internal access to the Internet.

Changing the DNS system for your PS4 is pretty simple than you think. The rapid DNS system speeds up your browser ultimately. Usually, the reliability of the internet speed depends on the location where we stay. Regardless of the location, we are in the need of getting feasible Internet access all the time. Especially in the time of playing games. Because many of the high definition games work well only if we have uninterrupted internet access.

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The Best & Fastest DNS for PS4

Fast DNS for PS4
Fast & Best DNS for PS4

Explore the fastest DNS for your PS4 console. Here is the list of most recommended DNS providers and the primary, secondary addresses of each DNS.

Google Public DNS
Verisign DNS
Comodo secured DNS

Google Public DNS – Best DNS for PS4

Google DNS - best DNS for PS4
Google DNS

First up, Google DNS is a well-known Domain name system used in almost all kinds of systems. Usually, many Internet users used this DNS. Since it provides an extreme level of consistency while accessing the Internet. To configure your system with Google public DNS, use the primary address as and the secondary DNS as

As you guess, Google has a link with almost all streams on the Internet. Likewise, here we can undoubtedly use this DNS to improve the better performance of your system. In addition to that, Google promises privacy and security for Internet users. Moreover, it is entirely free of cost.


opendns Best for PS4

Actually, OpenDNS is another excellent DNS system. It has plenty of impressive benefits to the users. Wherever the platform you work, make sure to enter the DNS server address as in the primary server and in the secondary server address. If you face any issues while connecting with ISP, then you can go ahead with the OpenDNS.  It boosts up the functionality and works rapidly.

Furthermore, you will feel safe while using the OpenDNS, instead of using the normal ISP. It has both free and paid services. The free version itself includes enough stuff like high-speed internet access, web filtering, accessing parental control, as well as free email support for frequent complaint access if any issue you may face. If you experience the DNS well, you can opt for the commercial version to get even more advanced features.

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Cloudflare – Best DNS Server for PS4

Cloudflare best DNS Server for PS4

The next DNS system is popularly known as Cloudflare. Anybody can easily remember the name of this service. That is This is the address of the primary DNS server. Along with that, the secondary server addressed as The ultimate plus point of this server is, it may not use your data for posting ads. It promises the privacy and safety of the users.

Whenever you face issues, immediately you can raise the queries on the community forum available on Cloudflare. It highlights the fast and secured access with your device. Now it is compatible with most devices like Windows OS and Mac OS based computers. All you need to enter the configuration address correctly to work with this particular Internet provider.

Verisign DNS


The Verisign DNS is an awesome server that focuses on the three important features promised by its company. Those are privacy, security, and stability. As an internet user, those are the features what we need. Right? It aims to provide enough security for your Internet access. Luckily, this stable DNS system is entirely free of cost. Verisign is not suggested as the best one to must-have for your console. But it does its job well.

You can configure this DNS server for your PS4 easily. It is pretty simple to set up the Verisign DNS in Windows 10, Mac computers, Linux, mobile devices, and more. All you need to change the appropriate IP addresses on the right section. the address for the primary DNS server and is the secondary address. When considering the above-secured feature, this must be the right choice that too at free of cost.

Comodo secured DNS

comodo Secured
comodo Secured

The nameComodo secured DNS itself satisfies your expectation regarding safety. Yes. It perfectly suits the user who looking for the extraordinary layers of web filtering features. It serves well in almost all of the compatible devices like Windows PCs, Chromebooks, Mac, and also routers. For connecting this DNS with your PS4 console, you need to change the DNS address to in primary and the secondary DNS server.

It has ultrawide protection and visibility on any device at any time. It provides the path to explore the secured Internet gateway packages. If you feel comfortable working with the free version you can go ahead with the premium support. It includes trail periods with advanced settings. It works safer and smarter to enriches your Internet experience.

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To sum up, above mentioned DNS is the best replacement for your standard default DNS. All the DNS servers are work well with any kind of platform. All you need to set up the IP address by entering the digits correctly. You may pick any one of the DNS servers to boosts up your Internet access. That’s all with this write-up. Pick out the best DNS for your PS4 console.

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