How to Add and Watch Epix on Roku?

Hi guys, I’m here today with another interesting content. Guess what? Yes, the content is on how to install and stream Epix on Roku. Do you love watching movies on Roku? Then it is essential to know about the popular movies streaming app, Epix. You are in the right place. Come, let’s get into th content.

Before that, let’s see what is Epix and what are its uses on Roku. Epix is an American premium television network by Epix entertainment LLC. It’s a subsidiary of Metro Goldwyn-Mayer. This channel contains blockbuster movies, motion pictures, Epix originals, and much more. Don’t worry we will discuss this a lot in the next part of this content.

Now, moving on to the streaming device, Roku. Roku is a line of digital media players by an American company Roku, Inc. It allows us to stream digital media content from various online services. It’s an amazing device that can turn your normal TV into a smart TV. All you need is a Roku device and a network connection to access the media contents.

What Is Epix?

As I said earlier Epix is an American premium cable and satellite television network by Epix Entertainment. In simple terms, it’s a digital content provider. It contains a catalog of blockbuster movies, Epix Originals, TV shows, music, series, and much more. A good thing is you can directly install the Epix channel on Roku. You can avail of the Epix’s subscription for just $5.99/month. Do some people ask that is Epix with it?

For just $5.99/month Epix offers 1000+ titles in its catalog. It’s a pretty good deal. Do many people have doubt that is Epix on Roku? I hope that I have answered the question.


Below are some of the features of Roku. I hope this will make you understand that why Epix is one of the best online streaming service.

  • Able to stream on 4K Ultra HD
  • Live TV and 1000+ Movies
  • Advanced search and Scheduling option
  • Queue and History

How To Add Epix on Roku

The good news for the users is that Epix is now available on Roku’s Channel Store. So, you can easily download the channel directly from the Channel store and start streaming your favorite movies. Let’s see how to add Epix from the following steps. Continue reading.

Epix on Roku
How to Add and Watch Epix on Roku?

STEP1: Initially, Power on your Roku device.

STEP2: Press the Home button to access the menu on Roku.

STEP3: Click on the Search option and enter Epix on the source field.

STEP4: You will be directed to the page of Epix channel.

STEP5: Click on Add Channel to download the channel on Roku.

STEP6: Once the channel gets downloaded click on the OK button on the pop-up menu.

Congratulations, you have successfully added the Epix channel on your Roku device.

How To Stream Epix on Roku

In the previous method, you have seen how to download Epix on Roku. Now let’s see how to stream the downloaded Epix channel on Roku in this method. Continue reading.

STEP1: Navigate to the Home page of Roku.

STEP2: Now, open the Epix channel MY Channels section on Roku.

STEP3: You can start watching your favorite movies, and originals on Roku.

That’s it. The best part of Epix channel is, there is no sign up process for normal users. If you are a premium customer, login with your credentials to access the channel on Roku.


That’s all guys. This is all you need to know about the methods of installing Epix on Roku. I hope the content will be useful and satisfactory. Epix is one of the best online streaming services. It is very easy to use and available at an affordable cost too. The best part is you can start using it directly just by installing the channel. As Epix is available on the Roku’s channel store, it becomes very handy to add the channel on your Roku device. You can easily add the Epix channel and start watching your favorite content using the above-given methods.


Is Epix on Roku free?

Unfortunately, you can’t stream the Epix channel for free. Meaning you have to pay a subscription fee of $5.99/month. For it, Epix offers 1000+ titles to stream. It’s a pretty good deal.

How to watch Epix on Roku?

The Epix channel is available for direct download from Roku’s channel store. After downloading the channel you can start watching your favorite contents.

How to cancel Epix on Roku?

You can easily cancel your Epix subscription by visiting the ‘’. Under Manage my subscriptions section click the Unsubscribe button to cancel your subscription.

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