The 10 Best Email Clients for Chromebook (ChromeOs) in 2022

Hello friends! Discover the super speedy email clients for Chromebook? Take a look at this write-up. Here, we have compiled the best email clients for your Chromebook. Whenever you receive an email the notification is an essential thing. Then only you can respond to them immediately without any delay. If you want to get instant notifications of an email while working on the online interface, you can prefer any one of the Email clients listed below. All of them give the fastest email services. So that, the mails will reach you soon. Let us surf the best Email clients for your Chromebook. Here we go.

About Chromebook

A Chromebook is a personal computer and available in the form of laptops, computers, or tablets. It runs on the Chrome OS. Chrome OS is a Linux-based operating system. Unlike normal computers, the Chromebook does not support the Windows OS. It performs a variety of tasks using the Google Chrome browser. In addition to that, all Chromebooks run Android applications. Few of the Chromebooks run Linux-based applications too. The desktop version of Chromebook computers is also known as Chromebox. Let us discuss the best email clients for your Chromebook computers.

Best Email Apps for Chromebook (ChromeOS)

Here we have listed the most popular Email clients which speed up the mailing process. You can pick any one of them which meets your expectations.

best Email Clients for Chromebook
Best Email Apps for Chromebook
  • Microsoft Outlook
  • Gmail
  • Right Inbox for Gmail
  • Boomerang for Gmail
  • Mailtrack for Gmail
  • Hunter for Chrome
  • Thunderbird

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Microsoft Outlook – Best Email Clients for Chromebook

Microsoft Outlook
Microsoft Outlook

The Microsoft Outlook is a most popular excellent Email client. It is a cloud-based collaborating platform. The outlook is commonly known as a mail-client application. Here you can compose, share, and receive emails. It has the secured functionality to protect your email accounts from snoopers. The outlook is considered to be the personal information manager. This email management software works rapidly and delivers all the notifications instantly. It includes the functions such as calendaring, web-browsing, task managing, and more. The Outlook service categorizes your emails based on your communication automatically. Above all, outlook is an outstanding email client for the Chromebook.

Gmail – Best Email Apps for Chromebook

Gmail - best Email clients for Chromebook

However, Gmail is preferred to be one of the best Email clients for Chromebook. It is a well-known mailing service which most of us will be using. Most Android users get this app on their smartphones by default. Luckily, it’s free of cost and easy to use. Gmail offers handy tools to organize your emails. In addition to that, Gmail offers an Automatic filter option that sorts out your emails under a different category. For starters, this service gives a simpler view to work with the Email Interface. Nowadays most of the users, students, youngsters, working professionals, and many others have individual email addresses for frequent use.

Right Inbox


The Right Inbox is another recommended Email client for Chromebook. Here you can get instant notifications whenever you receive an Email. It is compiled with impressive features like notes, templates, automatic signature, recurring email, and many more. In addition to that, you can schedule the time to send emails that are already composed. Furthermore, It manages the time and works according to the scheduled duration. Moreover, you can set a reminder for the upcoming meetings, conversations, and any other important dealings with your client. Luckily, this service is entirely free of charge.So that, it is a better choice to make a rapid emailing process.

Boomerang for Gmail

Boomerang for gmail
Boomerang for Gmail

The name of the service itself gives us a transparent meaning as it works like a boomerang. Boomerang for Gmail has the most idealistic features. In that, the scheduling feature is more useful for people who work under a busy schedule. The user uses this feature to schedule the specific time for sending the emails to your colleagues or any others at a particular time. Like other email clients, Boomerang also has the filtering or organizing feature. The email will be shown on the top based on the high priority. Overall, it serves uniquely to provide a user-oriented interface. Thus, it is the best suitable Email client for Chromebook laptops.


mailtrack - Best Email clients for Chromebook

As the name denotes, it is an email tracking software. It intimates you whether your emails are read by the recipient or not. Moreover, it provides accuracy while tracking the email. It works well and gives all the notifications then and there. The checkmarks feature enriches the tracking performance.  For instance, if your email got opened then you will receive a notification with the green checkmark. Likewise, you will get all the current status of your emails up-to-date. Mail tracking service provides a high-security tool to prevent snoopers from accessing your data. It works similar to the Boomerang. But, if you looking for a great alternative then Mailtrack is a perfect choice. This email client is entirely free. Like many of the paid apps, the pro version also available at an affordable price.

Hunter for Chrome

hunter - best Email Client

The hunter is extension software that helps you to find the email addresses behind the websites you are surfing. This service hunt down the email addresses of specific people online. This will show the source of the email along with the date of discovery. It has wondering features and helps to find out the email address of the parties related to the website. By clicking once, you can find out the email addresses from anywhere on the web. It works based on chrome software. This is an extremely free service and mostly preferable for business peoples, Email marketers, professionals, job seekers as well as sales teams.


Thunderbird - best Email Apps for Chrome Os

At last, Thunderbird is the best option to manage your emails. It is an open-source email service. We know that  Mozilla Firefox is the most usable web browser which provides the Thunderbird service. This email client supports multiple email accounts such as POP, IMAP as well as Gmail. According to the date filter, it organizes the emails in your inbox. Unlike the standalone app, Thunderbird serves as chrome Extensions. Thunderbird is a good choice for managing emails in your Chromebook.

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Final Verdict

To sum up, above stated email services are extremely works well with the Chromebook. Luckily, we can get most of the services by default with your computers. Stay updated with the best email clients. With these clients, you will get frequent notifications and can make a response on time. I hope, this article suggests you many pieces of information to you. Hereafter, you can track your emails and stay updated with the technology. Thank you for not skipping any section mentioned above. Make use of it on your Chromebook.

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