How to Install and Use Dplay On Roku? [Updated with Screenshots]

Discovering some big collection of streaming media’s? Let’s stop our search and start streaming with this reliable service called “Dplay”.This app contains movies, series, TV shows, live streams, and multiple contents that we looking for. All the necessary content is included in it which is going to give ultimate entertainment for the users. However, watching favorite shows on the big screen will give live experiences. If you having a Roku player, then try out this service. This article suggests the possible route for watching Dplay on the Roku device.

What is Dplay?

The term Dplay refers to the meaning of Discovering and Playing. Another name for Dplay is Quest developed by Discovery, Inc. It has collections of so many interesting TV series, Live channels, Reality shows, Movies, Talk shows, sports, etc. It is mainly limited in the country, UK. Dplay is a location-based service and covers almost 60% of the users in the UK. Sadly, it is limited only toa few of the countries but not worldwide. Using this application users can stream online videos on demand. Moreover, users can get this service free of cost.


  • It has six famous Live channels such as Quest, Quest Red, Really, DMAX, Food Network, HGTV(formally known as Home and Garden Television).
  • Dplay contains some general categories of Food, Lifestyle, Facts, Motoring, Sports, Reality, Crime series.
  • The Dplay application is available on the Google play store, Apple play store, Samsung TV store, and Android TV. This application supports advertisements but has not found a lot of ads.
  • Moreover, Dplay offers a free online video streaming service. Without having registration users can download the video on Dplay. Users can easily download the video. It will be stored inMP4 format on your computer or laptop and watch anywhere at any time.
  • The app is compatible with your smartphones, Android phones, tablets, Apple TV, Mac, PC, computers, smart TV, and so on.
  • Users can do the Rewind and Recap operations. If we couldn’t watch any shows,  we can Rewind the show and watch the same one again.
  • With free of cost, the user can watch the High Definition quality videos.

How to Get Dplay On Roku?

Dplay On Roku
How to Install and Use Dplay On Roku?

After reading the impressive features of Dplay, you want to try out this application on your TV. Unfortunately, the official app for this service is not available on the Roku device. Since Roku does not allow a third-party application to run on it.

But it’s not meant that it is impossible to watch on Roku. For this kind of issue, we can undoubtedly go for Screen Mirroring Option. It applies to any applications, that will be cast your contents on the Roku TV screen. Let’s see the below steps to enable the cast or screen mirroring option on your device.

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How to Enable Screen Mirroring on Roku?

STEP1: First of all, Set up your Roku device in the HDMI port of your smart TV. Make sure to fix the stabled high-speed Internet access.

Connect HDMI Cable
Connect HDMI Cable

STEP2: Secondly, Switch on Your Roku TV using the Roku remote. Press the Home button to land on the Roku Home page.

Press Home Button
Press Home Button

STEP3: Now, Navigates to the settings option. Here you can see the System option. Click on it. On the next screen, you can see the Screen Mirroring option.

Select System
Select System

STEP4: After that, below the Screen mirroring option you can choose the screen Mirroring Mode.

Select Screen Mirroring mode | Dplay on ROku
Select Screen Mirroring mode

STEP5: Once you tap the screen mirroring mode it shows three different options to access it. The options namely, Prompt, Always allow, Never allow. Choose the Prompt option. Hence it is preferable.

Dplay on Roku

How to Install Dplay on Roku?

STEP6: Meanwhile, take your android device like a smartphone. Go to the Google Play store on your smartphone and search for Dplay.

STEP7: It shows the suggestion list. Choose the required term Dplay and it will navigate to the Download page. Tap the Download button. After finishing the download click the Install option to install it on your phone.

STEP8: Next, Go to the settings menu on your phone. Here you can see the nearby connected devices with your smartphone. Tap the connected devices.

STEP9: Here you can see the Cast option. When tapping the cast option it displays the name of the devices having the same Wi-Fi connection.

STEP10: In that, we have to choose the name of the Roku device. Within a seconds Roku starts the mirroring service on the Roku TV screen.

STEP11: Now, open the Dplay app on your smartphone. It shows so many videos in the terms of TV series, comedies, Movies, Sports, etc.

STEP12: After enabling the screen mirroring option, whatever you doing on your smartphone will appear as same as on the Roku TV screen. Likewise, the video you opened on the phone will be mirrored on the Roku screen.

Finally, you can make use of the screen mirroring method to stream the contents on a big screen from your compact device.

NOTE: Above procedure is not only applicable for Roku TV but also favorable for all the models of Roku devices. That is, we can follow similar guidelines for Roku boxes and Roku Streaming Sticks.

Can You Get Dplay on Roku?

No. Roku does not allow any third party application to run on its OS. But it’s not meant that we cannot see the videos on Big screen. Roku is the most recommended streaming device with its enriched performances. There is a possibility to watch Dplay on a Roku device with the help of the Screen Mirroring option. This is the only way and easy way to get Dplay on Roku.

Is Dplay on Roku?

No. The official application of Dplay is not available on Roku. Since Roku OS does not allow the third-party application to run on it. But using the screen mirroring option anyone can easily cast the videos on a Roku TV screen.

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Final Words

As a result, we can stream our favorite videos on Roku.  Finally, all the TV shows, live castings, and other features included in Dplay will be projected on the Roku screen with the Screencasting method. Even though the official app not available on Roku, this article helps to give alternative ideas and ways for you. Make use of it and start streaming your impressive content on Dplay through Roku TV. Hope this article gives some ideas to solve your queries in all the possible ways.

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