Does Snapchat have Dark Mode? | How to Turn Snapchat Dark Mode on iPhone/Android?

Hey guys!!! Share your funny moments with your friends. When the moments are captured on Snapchat, it will be even more impressive. For the person who doesn’t have time to edit your photos and videos with beautiful effects then Snapchat is highly recommended for them. This app not only focused on snaps but also preferable for chatting with your loved one. If you are using this app at night time you need to turn on the dark mode theme to prevent eye strain and any other health issues. This article suggests the steps for enabling dark mode on Snapchat. Here we go!


Snapchat, turn up your dusky snap into a glowing one. This app contains an extreme level of sparkling and spooky filters which makes your snaps effective. Snapchat offers exciting filters and makes the user get instant effects without spending time for editing. This is why many of the users fall on Snapchat. It functioning very well with rapid speed when taking photos and posting stories. The filters will be changing frequently and users can discover their favorite effects in the Discover section.


  • Snapchat is available in 37 different languages.
  • It is compatible with both familiar devices such as Android smartphones and the iPhone.
  • There is an interesting feature found in Snapchat called “voice filters”. It changes the voice of the users into a remix tone.
  • Users can create and customize their Bitmoji’s on this app.
  • Users can able to take photos and short videos with instant fun effects.
  • There is a payment system in Snapchat to send and receive money using the Snapcash feature through private messaging.
  • One can send the snaps to individuals and also add them to the stories section.


Snapchat Dark Mode
How to Turn On Dark mode on Snapchat

  • The dark mode is also known as Night mode. Usually, our smartphones come up with a Blue filter and night mode option. Night mode is the most recommended setting which reduces the headache, eye strain when you chat in a darker room or night time. It turns up your display into a darker theme like blackish or in gray shades.
  • Unfortunately, the Dark mode setting is not available on Snapchat. At present, there is a working process going on to enable dark mode officially on this app. So we can expect it soon. Before that, there are lots of users out there who long for dark mode settings on Snapchat. Here, this article lists a few methods to solve their request. Read out the steps below:


STEP1: Firstly, take your Android smartphone and make sure with internet access.

STEP2: Next, go to the play store and search for Substratum Theme Engine.  Click to install the application.

STEP3:Now, go to the settings option on your smartphone and scroll down to reach security settings. Tap on the “Lock screen and security” and then enable the Unknown sources option.

STEP4: Next, open the Substratum and scroll down to view the available themes. Search for the Night mode or Dark mode here.

STEP5: After finding the required theme it lists the apps you want to set up the dark mode. Select Snapchat in the list of the apps displayed.

STEP6:Finally, you will successfully enable the dark mode in Snapchat. Here you can see two options namely Swift Black and Swift Dark. Thus, you can choose the desired one as per the timing you use the Snapchat application.


How to turn Snapchat Dark mode on iPhone
How to turn Snapchat Dark mode on iPhone


To enable dark mode on iPhone the user should jailbreak their device. But it’s not preferable to jailbreak the phone. If you get any issues with jailbreaking, there is an alternative method to get the theme. For that, you should turn on the inverted color option on your iPhone. Look down the steps include,

STEP1:First of all, Go to the settings option and look for General.

STEP2:Secondly, tap on the Accessibility setting and click Display accommodations.

STEP3:Click on the Invert colors. Here you can invert the colors by toggle between Smart invert and Classic invert options. It might not look the best as well as not bad. This method is preferable to get a darker screen without jailbreak your iPhone.

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STEP1:  Initially, you need to install the iFile and then the Cydia.

STEP2:Though the packages not available on the App Store, so that you can download the necessary nightmare packages.

STEP3: Then, click the “Open in…” option and then choose the iFile.

STEP4: Next, tap on the Installer so the package will be extracted. It will take a minute to install. Wait for it.

STEP5: After extracting the file you need to restart your Springboard to get the Nightmare package to take effect.

STEP6:Now, you can see your desired dark theme on Snapchat.

That’s it. In these ways, you can enable the dark mode on your iOS and Android device. The steps are pretty simple. So read the alternative ways mentioned above to fulfill your request.

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The dark mode on Snapchat is yet to come. Till that, these ways are recommended to the users in the need of night mode on this application. Let’s start using dark themes at night times to reduces the lack of sleep, vision problems, and other health issues. Meanwhile, we will wait for the official dark mode feature on Snapchat. That’s all for this article. I hope, the article is helpful to resolve your queries.

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