Does Regal take Apple Pay

Does Regal take Apple Pay?

Do you hang out with friends at cinemas very frequently? Then, using digital modes will be very much helpful for you rather than using cash or cards.

Cashless and cardless payments are introduced everywhere as every person owns a Smartphone. So, you do not have to worry when you can make payments with a single click on your phone.

In that way, do you think of availing such payment but have a question, Does Regal Take Apple Pay? You are just one step away from knowing the available payment options at Regal.

Does Regal take Apple Pay?

Keep your doubts aside because Regal takes Apple Pay but online and in-app only. This means that you can’t make your payments in person at the theater.

Certainly, Apple Pay is a digital payment method introduced for Apple users. So, you can conveniently make payments through iPhone, Apple Watch, or other devices with Apple Wallet.

Regal Cinemas, popularly known as Regal is a movie theater chain and is the second-largest theater circuit in the US. As we saw above you can make payments only online through the Regal website or app and you can also add a rewards card and ticket to the Apple Wallet.

Does Regal take Apple Pay
Does Regal take Apple Pay?

Quick Steps to Add Regal or Ticket to Apple Wallet

Step 1:

To proceed, open the Apple Wallet and go to the “My Account” section.

Step 2:

Now, select the “Manage My Payment Methods” option to add Regal to your wallet.

Step 3:

Next,  add your Regal Gift Card under standard payments.

Step 4:

Once you add the Regal Card to your wallet, you can use your Apple Watch or iPhone to scan and authorize the payment with Touch ID or Face ID.

Thus, you can use these steps for your movie ticket at the Regal Theater or pay for your snacks.

Wrapping Up

Finally, we are concluding this guide that Regal accepts Apple Pay and Google only online and in-app. Then, you can add the reward card and ticket to both Google Pay and Apple Wallet but the theater does not allow contactless payments. So, it is better to use the Regal app or website too for making payments and hope you find this article helpful.

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