Disney Plus on PS5 : How to Install it?

Online streaming apps have become a trend and favorite for many people. In that way, this article features the Disney Plus app. Yes, Disney+ is a popular online video streaming service that lets you stream movies, series, and much more.

Indeed, it is a subscription-based service that costs $7.99/per month and $79.99/per year. Moreover, the respective application is compatible with streaming on various platforms. Concerning that, here I mention the simple guide on how to watch Disney+ on PS5.

Can I get Disney Plus on PS5?

Yes, the Disney Plus application is natively available to install on the latest PS5 consoles. So, it is effortless for PS5 users to get their favorite streaming app from the built-in PlayStation Store.

But do you wonder about installing the respective app on your console? If so, check the following section of this article for a complete guide to install and watch Disney+ on PS5. 

How to Install Disney Plus on PS5?

As we have seen above, the desired Disney+ application is natively available for the PlayStation5 console. However, a valid Disney+ subscription ($7.99/month) is essential to stream the respective app contents on your desired streaming device. With that being said, here we mention the simple guide to get Disney+ on PS5.

Disney Plus on PS5
How to Install Disney Plus on PS5?


Initially, you must Turn On your PS5 console and connect it to the internet source.


Navigate to the Home Screen and click the Media option located at the top.


Next, hit the All Apps option and open the PlayStation Store.


Now, use the on-screen keyboard to search for the Disney Plus app.


Select the respective app from the search result and navigate to the installation screen.


Download the Disney+ app and complete the Sign In process on your PS5 console.


Now, launch the Disney Plus app, choose your favorite content, and enjoy streaming it on your PlayStation5 console.

How to Screen Mirror Disney Plus on PS5?

The above method includes the straightforward steps to get and watch the Disney Plus app on the PlayStation5 console. But what if you can’t find or install the desired app on your console?

However, it should not interrupt your streaming experience. In that way, you can use the screen mirroring option to mirror the Disney Plus app content from a smartphone to your PlayStation5.

Indeed, the PS5 console does not have a native Screen Mirroring option. But we have some workarounds to do it. Continue reading the steps given below for a simple guide to screen mirror Disney+ on PS5.


Firstly, ensure that your smartphone and PS5 console are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.


Following that, you have to install the Screen Mirroring and Disney+ apps on your smartphone.


Launch the Disney Plus app and Sign In with your account details like Username and Password.


Then, Turn On your PlayStation5 console and click the PS button on the Controller.


Further, you will be navigated to the Game Base section.


From here, you have to click the Send a Quick Message option.


Choose a friend from the list and send “https://tvee.app” to them.


Now, click that link, and you will get a Screen Mirroring QR Code on the screen.


Take your smartphone, launch the Screen Mirroring app, and scan the QR Code displayed on your PS5.


At this point, your smartphone will get mirrored to your PS5 console.


Now, open the Disney+ app on your smartphone and start streaming your favorite content on the PS5-connected TV screen.

End Note

With that being said, here we end the article about installing and watching Disney Plus on PlayStation5. Fortunately, the desired streaming service is natively available for PS5 consoles. There is no need to worry even if you can’t install the Disney+ app on your device. Indeed, the above article includes a guide to screen mirror the Disney+ app contents to your PlayStation console. So you can watch your favorites regardless of various issues.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Login to Disney Plus on PS5?

It is effortless to login into the Disney+ app on your PS5 console. Launch the desired app, click the Login button and copy the Activation Code displayed on the screen. Then, visit the official Activation site for Disney+, enter the Activation Code, and hit the Continue button. With that being done, the Disney+ app will get activated, and you will get logged in to the app on PS5.

How to Fix Disney Plus not working on PS5?

Sometimes the Disney Plus app may get stuck on the loading screen. Seemingly, that is due to various issues like network connection, server issues, cache, and technical glitches on the device. Indeed, you can resolve this issue by troubleshooting the router, clearing the cached data, updating the Disney+ app, or resetting your PS5 console.

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