How to Add and Activate Discovery Go on Roku?[Updated Guide]

Hello Guys! To learn more and more information about Discovery Go On Roku, this is the best platform. Here, you can enjoy its features and specifications. If you are searching for a wonderful application to watch the episodes of discovery and then videos and series, you can choose this Discovery Go app. With this app, you can also get the most prominent device of Roku. So, both the categories in one single article. Let’s follow the content.

Roku device is the most well-known device which carries the qualities of non-stop contents of videos, audios, series, news, and sports. It’s a digital media player that has a single remote and also the original quality of contents. The set-up and usage process is also an easy target.

About Discovery Go

Discovery Go is a unique application all over the world. It holds numerous contents about discovery, series, and much more. The app allows you to get wonderful discovery network programs. It’s an on-demand and live streaming app. The app is based on a subscription. It’s an online streaming platform. The user can watch all the live stream episodes and series on this discovery channel. This application is available on the Roku channel store.


Every application has its qualifications and benefits. Like that, the Discovery Go app also brings lots of advantages to the users to use this app permanently without any queries. So, follow the features.

  • It’s a free streaming app.
  • Available on smartphones, iOS, Google Chromecast, Amazon fire stick, fire tv, Roku, and much more.
  • You can save your favorite videos, and series to watch later. Because it has the benefit to watch the contents in an offline mode.
  • It has many shows about discovery, particularly Animal planet, inquiry discovery, discovery science, and discovery velocity.
  • You can catch up on the past seasons, and also the episodes at any time.
  • There are natural, cultural, and historical documentaries. You can also watch these kinds of contents.

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How to Add and Activate Discovery Go on Roku?

Discovery Go on Roku
How to Add and Activate Discovery Go on Roku?

There is a channel store option on the Roku device. You can install the app using this particular choice. So, this discovery goes also into the channel store. To install the app, follow the steps.

STEP1: At first, you can combine the HDMI port to the Tv and then switch on your Roku device.

STEP2: Now, join your home internet connection to the Roku device.

STEP3: Go to “Roku Home Page“.

STEP4: Choose the “Streaming Channel option” and then it will lead you to the Roku channel store.

Select Streaming Channel
Select Streaming Channel

STEP5: There, you can search for the “Discovery Go” app.

STEP6: Select the app from the list and then choose the “Add Channel” option.

Add Discovery go Channel on Roku
Click on Add Channel

STEP7: You have to install the app and it automatically adds to the Roku channel list.

STEP8: Now, it’s time to activate the channel. So, you have a login with your username and password.

STEP9: The “Activation code” will appear on your home screen.

STEP10: At this time, open your web browser on your PC or Android and enter the website of

STEP11: Finally, enter the activation code and then select the “Activate” option.

Discovery Go on Roku
Activate Discovery Go on Roku

STEP12: Your discovery channel’s activation process is over. You have to use the channel with the process of login with your Tv provider details.


Yes. You can get the discovery go all on Roku. Discovery Go is a free streaming application. You can get the app from the Roku channel store. The user should install and activate the app and use it properly.


Discovery go is a free streaming device. You can watch the series and videos freely. And you can also subscribe to the channel and get many contents. If you want to get more and more you have to cost it for a month $16.

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If you are getting bored of using discovery go on Roku, you can cancel the subscription. Initially, you can select the home button, there you can navigate your discovery go channel and choose the star button and finally select “Cancel Subscription”. At last, confirm to select the cancel subscription. Your cancellation process of Discovery Go channel is over.

Final Words

Yes! This is the bottom line of this discovery go article. From top to bottom we are discussing the discovery go app, features of the app, the installation method Roku, the activation, and then some frequently asked questions. So, overall the whole interpretation is clearly explained in the above context. You can watch all the great content anywhere and anytime from the discovery go channel.

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