What is Discord Top Secret Control Panel? | Simple Ways to Use it?

Dear gamers. Have you ever noticed the discord feature on the Windows platform? If you are a player of online games, you must come across the term Discord. It is an amazing user-friendly Interface. The name of the feature Discord top secret control panel simulates the users to know more about it. Moreover, it is specially designed for gamers to play games with a conversation. Interesting right? It makes the players feel very comfortable. Meanwhile, the players can make a conversation with their friends while playing. If you want to know more about the Discord secret, scroll your cursor down.

What is top secret control panel discord?

Basically, discord is software designed for game players. It is a completely safe and robust chatting server. It has impressive features like creating chat rooms or lobby, VoIP chatting system, message boards, and more. This service easily compatible with your hand-in devices like laptops, computers, and smartphones. It offers the players with communicating with their friends by posting In-game messages and comments.  Additionally, it lets you connect the Facebook and YouTube accounts.

Best Gaming Chat Server

As we all know, the most popular game is called PUBG. Player unknown battlegrounds are easily abbreviate as PUBG. As per your guess, you can discover unknown people from the game field. So that you can elaborate on your friend’s circle. Game chat servers are most popular after the development of PUBG games. It lets the players talk, chat, comment with the players invited for the particular game field.

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How to Download Discord?

STEP1: First of all, turn on your Windows PC and make sure to connect the Internet access.

STEP2: Secondly, Open your browser and go to the official website of Discord. Or else, search for discordapp.com. It lists the software package of discord. Click to download the software.

STEP3: After downloading the file, proceed with the installation process.

STEP4:Next, open the software and click the sign-up button. Now, it prompts you to create an account. Give the necessary credentials to create the account.

STEP5:Finally, you have created your account successfully.

How to Configure the Discord?

STEP1: To configure your account, you have to be ready with the above-stated steps.

STEP2: Once you have created the account, you can easily proceed to the configuration process.

STEP3:Do follow the necessary steps displayed on the website.

STEP4:You will get a unique code for your account. Share it with whom you want to play and chat.

STEP5: Invite your co-players to the online game portal. So that, all of them are in link to your own game server.

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Where can you find the Discord top secret control panel?

Discord Top Secret Control Panel
how do you unlock the top-secret control panel on discord?

Most of the queries raised regarding the inaccessibility of the top-secret option. Since the option is disabled on the PC version. Here are the steps to find out the feature.

STEP1: Once you installed the Discord application, navigate your cursor into the notification bar.

STEP2: Then, right-click on the discord icon. It displays a list of menus in the menu box. Here, the top-secret Control Panel option is available first on the list.

Why cannot access the Discord top-secret Control Panel?

Sadly, the option is disabled and indicates as a grayish color. There might be some reasons to cannot access the feature.

  • The feature might be only accessible by the Discord developers.
  • It is only for maintenance purposes.
  • The top-secret button is only shown for an indication but does not have any function beyond that.
  • It lets you intimate the option is there for future purposes. At present, you cannot access the feature.
  • It may be accessible in the future but probably the button won’t be gray in color anymore.

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Final Words

To sum up, above stated guidelines will help you to find the Discord Top secret control panel on your computers. Unfortunately, you cannot open or access the feature. At least, you can find out the button only on the desktop version. At present, you can see the option but not work with it. Let us wait for further updates from the developers’ side to access it in the future. That’s all with this article. Keep on check out the articles for further updates

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