How to Delete USPS Account with Step by Step procedures?

In ancient times, posting letters and conveying messages to the person is the most essential thing. But, not only in the old days but at present also the posting letters are very famous and trending in different ways. That is posting the information through mail and much more. Here, the USPS account is the most important postal service online. This article is going to explain the methods to delete the account of USPS for some other reasons. So, read the article without skipping anything.

What is USPS?

Usps account is a most workable source of postal. It’s one of the best postal services in the US. Using this service, you can convey messages and information to your relatives and friends. And, you can also use this for parcel services. If you want to use this service, you have to create a USPS account.

Reasons to delete USPS account

Even though, USPS account has many features and good things. There are several issues with this account. So, you can delete the account for your safety. The reasons behind this USPS account are,

  • You may receive some unwanted messages and emails from the USPS postal service.
  • It may move somewhere, and you are not able to get the service which you required.
  • This offers many advertisement mails.

How to Delete the USPS account?

Delete USPS Account
how to Delete USPS Account?

So, the above subject provides you with the reasons for deleting the USPS account for your goodwill. So, here this content is going to express the ways to delete the USPS account in a simple way. To delete this USPS account, you have two different methods. There are,

  • Through mail
  • Through contact page

Method1: How to delete the USPS account through the mail?

The beginning method is to delete the USPS account, you can use the email option. It’s very simple and quite easy. The most important thing is, you can send an email with any other account of your own. And you can also send an email to the USPS account.  Do follow the steps.

Step1: First of all, you have to log in to your email account of USPS which you register early.

Step2: You have to send an email to the mail Id of

Step3: It’s a usual email sending process. So, in the subject option, you have to mention “REQUEST FOR ACCOUNT DELETION“. You can also type “USPS ACCOUNT DELETION“.

Step4: In the main body section, you have to give the best reason for deleting your account. And also you need to request them to delete your USPS account.

Step5: After sending the email, you can receive the reply mail with confirmation of deleting your USPS account successfully.

Method2: How to delete the USPS account through the Contact page?

The following method is to delete the USPS account on the contact page of USPS. If you are not able to use the above method of email, you can use this method. So, do follow the steps.

Step1: The first step is, you have to log in to your USPS account. Here, you need to navigate the official website.

Step2: On the top, you can view the option of “Support icon“. You have to select it.

Step3: Then, select the option of “Email US”.

Step4: Following email us, you have to select the “” and then Finally, choose the “My Online Account” option.

Step5: It opens the new form. There, you have to enter the user name, And provide the proper answer to the given question of “Can, you tell us more about your Online Account issue?“. And then enter the date. Finally, you have to type the reason to delete the USPS account.

Step6: Next, select the “Next” option. Here, you have to mention all your personal information. And then, choose the “Next” option.

Step7: At last, you have to check all your details, and then confirm it.

Step8: Finally, your request is submitted to the support page of the USPS account.

Final Verdict

From beginning to end, you can use the article without any trouble. Because, the article contains the entire details of what is USPS account, the purpose of the USPS account. And it also provides the reason to delete this account. Here, you can see the double methods to delete the USPS account for your reference. So, without any doubts and Clarifications, you can use this content when you want to delete the account.

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