Delete Tumblr Account

How to Delete Tumblr Account?

If you have left your unused Tumblr Account without deleting the account. It is necessary to delete the Tumblr Account, before deleting the App from your device. Obviously, it will pave the way for Hackers to access your information stored in your Tumblr Account.

Of course, Tumblr is a Social Media Site that allows its users to post Mini Blogging, Multimedia, and even interact with each other. In any circumstances, leaving the account as it is and deleting the App will be a great issue.

Therefore, we are here today to give you the procedure to remove your Tumblr Account and its related information permanently from this platform.

How to Delete Tumblr Account?

Now, most people move towards TikTok and other related Social Media Platforms from the Tumblr site. They will keep their Tumblr Account Active and delete the App. As time passes, they will forget the problems caused by such accounts.

Yeah! Using your Tumblr Account, there may be a chance for the Hackers to steal the data of your Email, Facebook, and Banking Accounts. Hence, it is important to delete your unused accounts from the Tumblr site.

Delete Tumblr Account
How to Delete Tumblr Account?

For that, we have given a detailed Step by Step procedure in this section.

Step 1

Firstly, launch the Tumblr App or Web Page on your Device.

Step 2

Then, click on the Settings option on the Left side of your Screen.

Step 3

From the Right side panel, select the Blog icon.

Step 4

Now completely scroll all the way to the bottom and there select the Delete Account Button.

Step 5

After that, it will ask you to enter your Password and confirm the Deleting process.

Step 6

In case, you face any Password error issues, then request for a Authentication Code.

Step 7

At the same time, you will receive the code on your registered Mail Account.

Step 8

Further, enter the code in the respective field and it will Delete your Account.

If you still face struggles in canceling your Tumblr Account, then you have to contact Tumblr Support. This is the final way to delete your account. Certainly, they will respond to you within 24 hours depending on the issue.

Bottom Line

In conclusion, I will precise the points given in this write-up. Removing the Tumblr Account will also delete all the Microblogs and Art content you have posted. Seemingly, the complete procedure to Delete the Tumblr Account is given above in this article. So, you can read it once again and do the same process to remove your account easily.

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