Delete Foursquare Account

How to Delete Foursquare Account?

Though Foursquare is a Free Platform, some people want to delete their Foursquare Account due to personal reasons. In fact, the Foursquare allows you to use the delete option. Meanwhile, Foursquare is the Social Networking Platform that keeps you connected with your geographical location.

Indeed, this app tracks the Facilities and Events happening presently in your locality. It gives you the reviews and complete details about it. Some users will likely quit this app. Let us get the procedure for removing your Foursquare Account in the below section.

How to Delete Foursquare Account?

Before proceeding with the steps, you have to know an important thing. If you are trying to delete only the Location History on the Foursquare app. It does not need to remove your entire account, just go to the Location Sections and delete the History alone. If you delete your account, then you will automatically lose your City Guide information and Swarm accounts as well.

Delete Foursquare Account
How to Delete Foursquare Account?

Here is the complete step-by-step procedure for deleting the Foursquare Account.

Step 1

As usual, launch the Native Browser on your Windows or Mac device.

Step 2

Then, search for the Official Site of Foursquare “” on your browser.

Step 3

After that, tap on the Login option on the right corner of the Foursquare home page.

Step 4

After that, enter your Email ID or Phone number and Password in the respective field and get into your Foursquare Account.

Step 5

Further, select the Profile icon on the top of your Screen and open the drop-down menu.

Step 6

From there, tap on the Settings option and select the Personal Settings.

Step 7

Under the Personal Settings, click on the Privacy Settings option.

Step 8

Now, click on the Delete Your Account option on the Privacy Settings Page.

Step 9

Then, select the suitable Reason in the given column.

Step 10

After selecting the reason, scroll down and select the Delete Account option.

Thus your Foursquare Account will be deleted successfully.

Wrapping Up

Finally, we are here in the concluding portion. Yeah! With this simple procedure, you can delete your Foursquare Account hassle-free. Also, your Account Deletion will readily remove the suggestions of Foursquare City Guide, Check-in information, Tips, Tastes, and Foursquare Swarm Accounts.

Moreover, it is a Free App and think before deleting your Account. That’s all about this Foursquare Topic, hope you got the right procedure to remove your account.

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