Delete Flickr Account

How to Delete Flickr Account?

Are you searching for a method to delete your Flickr Account? Before answering this question, let us discuss a few important things about this platform. Flickr is a Photo and Video Sharing App.

It is available in many languages and used by more than 100 Million users around the world. Flickr offers an official App for iOS and Android Devices. Similarly, it can be also accessible on its Website. This app allows the users to create a Free Account and share the Photos with others.

In such an app, there may be some disadvantages. If you face any struggles using this Flickr App or you need to remove the Flickr Account due to some discomfort. Definitely, you need a method to do it right. Therefore, we have come up today with the Deleting Procedure of Flickr Account on your respective device.

How to Delete Flickr Account?

As I said before if you feel any discomfort with sharing your Photos or Videos on your Flickr account. There is a possibility to delete your account Permanently from the App. This will help you to remove all your Photos and Videos from this Flickr Site.

Delete Flickr Account
How to Delete Flickr Account?

A detailed procedure to remove your Flickr Account is given in this guide. Moreover, you can delete the account with a valid reason, which will help others to know the difficulties you have faced on this site.

Step 1

To begin the process, launch the native Web Browser on your Device.

Step 2

Then go to the Flickr official website “” and sign in with valid account credentials.

Step 3

Now, select your Profile Photo displayed on the Home Page.

Step 4

Further, tap on the Settings option and select the Personal Information icon.

Step 5

After that, select the Delete your Flickr Account button.

Step 6

At the same time, click on the OK option to confirm the Deleting process.

Step 7

On the next screen, you will receive the Confirmation message for deleting your Flickr Account.

Step 8

From there, click on the Delete My Account option and your Flickr Account will be deleted successfully.

Ending Notes

Hope you have understood the procedure for deleting the Flickr Account on its site. Let me shortly explain the process here. First of all, go to the Flickr site and Sign in with your account. From the Personal Info page, remove your Flickr Account.

Kindly remember After deleting your Flickr Account, you can’t recover the Photos, videos, or personal data that you have in the Flickr.

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