Delete Apps on Chromebook

How to Delete Apps on Chromebook?

To know the steps to delete apps from Chromebook this is the best guide. So if you are a Chromebook user then start to read this note now without ignoring it. Surely this note will guide you to uninstall the unwanted app from the Chromebook within a few minutes. And then to get the instructions let’s jump into this note now without making a delay.

Can you delete apps on Chromebook?

Yes of course you can remove or delete an application on your Chromebook if you feel the app is unwanted for you. In addition, you can complete this action in less than 60 seconds. But you no worry about the process. The following portion will provide the detailed steps for this action. So go there to know that.

How to Delete apps on Chromebook?

Delete Apps on Chromebook
How to Delete Apps on Chromebook?

Without facing any complications you can easily uninstall the apps on your Chromebook. To make your work easier this portion will be going to show how to delete applications on Chromebook. And the guidelines are as follows.


Initially Power On your Chromebook and connect it to a good Wi-Fi connection.


After that Open the launcher on your Chromebook that is located at the bottom left corner of the screen with the circle icon.


Now click the up-carrot to see the app list.


After that right-click on the app that you want to uninstall by tapping the trackpad with two fingers.


Now select Uninstall or Remove from Chrome.


Then click Remove.


After this action, the respective application will be removed from the Chromebook instantly.

Bottom Note

I hope from this note you will know the short guidelines to uninstall or delete the apps from your Chromebook. Hereafter you can delete the wanted applications easily on your Chromebook without hesitation by using the following steps. Also, you can install them back on your Chromebook after the uninstalling process.

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