How to Install DAZN on LG Smart TV? [2022]

Some of the applications to create only for sports. DAZN is the best application to stream sports content with high-picture quality. Nowadays, many sports lovers enjoy sports content in DAZN through Smart mobiles. But everyone wants to watch their favorite episodes on the big screen. This article helps you to install the DAZN sports application on LG Smart TV.

What is DAZN?

DAZN is only for sports lovers. It is a global live streaming service to more than 200 countries. DAZN has reached 4 million subscribers. This DAZN application is available in a lot of Smart systems like smartphones, laptops, tablets, iPhones, iPad, Google Chromecast, Samsung Smart TV, LG smart TV, Amazon Firestick, etc. DAZN offers thousands of sports events with high-picture quality. In addition, you can watch Premiere League, NBA, NFL, MLB, NHL, F1, boxing, and MMA on DAZN.

The owner of this DAZN app is DAZN Group. Access Industries is the parent of this sports application. It is telecasting in seven languages: English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, and Portuguese. DAZN’s subscription price is $9.99 per month with no fixed contract. 30 days free trial available in the DAZN sports application. Cancellation of DAZN subscription is possible at any time.

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Features of DAZN sports application

  • In DAZN, we can connect five devices with the same account.
  • DAZN allows subscribers to stream content from two devices simultaneously.
  • DAZN covers most of the sports in only HD for entertaining sports lovers.

How to Install DAZN on LG Smart TV?

LG Smart TV makes DAZN sports service applications through the LG content store. Update your software and webOS to the latest version for the best DAZN quality.

DAZN on LG Smart TV
How to Install DAZN on LG Smart TV?

Step 1:

Sign in to the LG content store for searching DAZN TV.

Step 2:

In the search field Enter DAZN.

Step 3:

Select the DAZN from the suggestion list.

Step 4:

Click the Install button to download the DAZN sports application on your device.

Step 5:

After installation, sign in with your correct credentials.

Step 6:

Select your subscription plan as your comfortable price.

Step 7:

Pay your subscription amount, and you will get a confirmation message for successful payment.

Now you can stream your favorite DAZN sports content on LG smart TV.

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How to Screen Mirror DAZN on LG Smart TV using a Smartphone?

Step 1:

Install the DAZN sports application on your smartphones.

Step 2:

Log in with your DAZN credentials.

Step 3:

Make sure your Smartphone and LG smart TV are connected to the same internet.

Step 4:

Enable the screen mirroring option on both your LG Smart TV and Smartphone.

Step 5:

Select your LG Smart TV device name from the available device list on your Smartphone.

Step 6:

Start playing your sports content on your Smartphone on the DAZN sports application.

Now, you can enjoy your favorite sports content on the LG big screen.

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DAZN is for people who have a high interest in Sports. You can watch thousands of sports content on a single platform. This application is one of the best ways to stream sports content without cable. The above article clarifies your queries about DAZN and the installation of DAZN on your LG Smart TV.


Is DAZN available on LG Smart TV?

Of course, Yes. DAZN is available on 2015+ versions in additionally. Moreover, you may be able to stream to your LG Smart TV through Apple AirPlay.

Is there any free trial available in DAZN?

Yes, first, you must sign up with your login credentials, and you can enjoy your free trial for 30 days.

Is DAZN worth its subscription cost?

Yes, DAZN provides excellent sports content for your subscription cost with thousands of unlimited sports for entertainment.

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