How to Create Account on Zoom? [Sign Up for Free]

Are you facing trouble creating accounts on the zoom application? Sure, this article makes clear from your issues, doubts, and clarifications. Because this context is going to explain the steps to create an account on the zoom application. It’s a simple and easy process. So, scroll down the page to get more information.


Zoom is an amazing application that flies on the internet very strongly. This is a tool to use the video conferencing and audio call. The users can use this app to find some interesting factors and to gain knowledge and to increase communication development. You can use it for personal, business use, and much more. It carries too many aspects to use this app more effectively. There are numerous features to use this app that includes, video and audio quality, recording option, notifications, chatbox, screen sharing, and much more.

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Creating an account on a particular app is a basic initiative to begin the source. So, it’s necessary to create an account on every application. Here, the zoom app is also having the quality of creating an account to start the zoom meetings. There are two ways to create an account on zoom. It’s for those who are using Android, iPad, and Computer. So, let’s know the detailed study of creating an account on zoom in Android and PC.

create Account on Zoom
How to Create an Account on Zoom


Initially, we are going to see the steps to create an account on zoom through using Android. Because it’s the easiest way for everyone. Most people using a mobile phones, iPad, and tablets. So, just get into the steps.

STEP1: Initially, go to the Google Play Store or App Store on your Android or Ipad. Search for the “Zoom Cloud Meetings” application and then click “Install“.

STEP2: After the installation progress is over, you have to open the app.

STEP3: Click the ” Sign-up” option to create your account.

STEP4: At this time, you are creating a new account, so you have to fill in some default about yourself.

STEP5: You have to mention your Age and Date of Birth. Then, you have to click the “Continue” option.

STEP6: Then, You have to type your first name, last name, and then your accessible email address.

STEP7: Now, you can receive your activation information in your mail.

STEP8: From the email, you have to enter the “Activate Account” option.

STEP9: Now, you have to select what kind of behalf you have to sign in to the account. Select Yes or No as per your wish.

STEP10: Click “Continue” and then you have to create a new password comprising 8 digit characters with some special characters with upper and lower cases.

STEP11: Now, click the “Continue” option which is in the Orange color.

STEP12: Then, you have to skip some optional elements.

STEP13: At last, click the “Go to My Account“. It leads to you on a new profile page. There you can access your zoom app with lots of features.

Finally, your zoom app will be ready to start. So, you can start the zoom meetings as per your wish and schedule.


The next method is creating an account from the big screen of a PC or computer. The main benefit of using the PC is, you can view all the special factors on a large screen. And you can also get much more amusement to view the interesting information. So, pursue the steps to create a zoom account on the computer.

STEP1: At first, open your computer and make an internet connection.

STEP2: Go to the web browser and then click the following link of

STEP3: Enter your date of birth and click the “Continue” option.

STEP4: Then, type your email address or click a sign-in method.

STEP5: Now, you are ready to sign up for a new account. So, enter the “Signup” option.

STEP6: You have received a mail to activate your account. Click the “Activate Account” option.

STEP7: Here, you have to choose your behalf version. Click Yes or No as per your wish. Then, click the “Continue” button.

STEP8: Now, you have to create a new name and a new password with 8 characters.

STEP9: At this time, click the orange button of the “Continue” option.

STEP10: Then, skip the upcoming messages. You have to click the “Go to My Account” section.

STEP11: It leads to your new profile page. Finally, your zoom account activation process is over on your computer. You are ready to begin your zoom meetings.

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From the above passages, we all come to know the basic steps to create an account on the zoom application. And then how to create an account and how to begin the zoom meetings. This article is explaining the entire features of creating an account for both Android and as well as Computer. So, make use of this content when you are in trouble.

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