How to Add and Watch CNNGO on Roku? [Updated Guide]

Are you searching for an incredible application that enhances the whole content in a single app? If Yes! You are on the right path. Because the article is to explain the most prominent application on the internet. That is CNNGO ON ROKU. The device possesses the entire characteristics of features, functions, installation methods, activation methods, and then some other related specifications. To know the details of this article, just scroll down.


CNNGO, the name is very different. It attains the confused thinking to the reader that is what it is and what it means. To clarify that, it means Cable News Network. It allows you to watch the entire News, Live Tv, Original series. Basically, It’s the most popular streaming service on the internet. Across the world, it produces the immense power of videos in clear quality.


Every product has its own priority and features to get the attention on it. So, this Cable News Network also has the ultimate elements. Let’s see the features.

  • It’s fresh and has immersive video quality.
  • Immediate access to top news.
  • There is an option to access the live tv streaming and on-demand series facilities.
  • The sister channels of CNN, CNNi, or HLN are having live tv facilities.
  • There is a special and select breaking news incident in the time on live.
  • It ultimately has an original series.
  • Per day you have ten minutes of demand show.

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To install cnngo on Roku, you can get it easily on the Roku channel store. It’s a very simple and manageable step. Follow the upcoming steps to install the CNNGO on Roku.

CNNGO on Roku
How to Add and Watch CNNGO on Roku?

STEP1: First of all join your HDMI port into your Roku player on your television.

STEP2: Switch on your tv and open the Roku media player.

STEP3: Then, enter the Roku sign-in options and then combine them into wifi.

STEP4: Now, go to the “Roku Home Screen” and move on to choose the “Streaming Channels”.

STEP5: Then, the Roku channel store opens and then you can search for the ” CNNGO” application.

STEP6: From the app information screen, you can select the “Add Channel” option.

Add CNNGo Channel on Roku
Add CNNGo Channel on Roku

STEP7: Now, the app will download and install automatically and goes into the channel store list.


Once the installation process is getting over, you have to activate it to receive the whole contents to use. So, follow the steps to activate the application.

STEP1: You have to launch the app and then, it will show the activation code on your screen.

STEP2: Now, open your web browser on your PC otherwise smartphone.

STEP3: Then, you have to navigate and then search the following website of

Activate Device
Select Roku

STEP4: At this time, you have to choose the “Roku platform” for activation.

STEP5: Now, you have to enter the “Activation Code” here, and then select the “Continue to Verify” option.

Activate CNNGo on RokuTV
Enter the Activation Code

STEP6: That’s all. The CNNGO app activation process is over on the Roku device.

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To sum up the CNNGO ON ROKU, we are having numerous features and compliments. The whole explanation is in the above passages. To get the best video, audio, news, sports, series content you can choose this method without any doubts and queries. The installation methods are also quite easy and manageable to everyone. So, make use of the article when you need it.

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