Chromecast PDF to TV | How to Cast PDF Documents to TV?

How to Cast PDF to TV using Chromecast: Google Chromecast is a compact and portable device by Google to stream online content on your TV and it could be also used to cast documents from your desktop and android mobile. PDF(portable document format) is a file format that was introduced to share files across mobiles and computers quickly and easily. During the introduction of this pdf concept, you need a pdf reader separately to view it. But nowadays it’s not the case. Every browser comes with a built-in pdf reader option. Let us see how to cast a pdf from desktop and android mobile to Chromecast.

How to Cast PDF to TV Using Chrome browser

Before casting pdf, install the latest version of Chrome browser on your desktop and make sure that your desktop and Chromecast are on the same wi-fi network. After ensuring this continues with the following steps.

How to Cast PDF to TV using Chromecast
How to Cast PDF to TV using Chromecast

#1. Select your PDF file and right-click on it.

#2. Click on the ‘open with‘ option and choose Google chrome.

#3. Your pdf will be viewed in the chrome browser.

#4. To cast it to TV tap on the 3- dotted menu icon and choose the “cast” option.

#5. It will show all the Available devices.

#6. Choose your casting device and check whether the ‘cast tab‘ option is enabled, if not enable it and continue.

Now your pdf displays on your TV screen. You can control the pdf such as scrolling and zoom with your computer keyboard itself.

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How to Cast PDF to the TV from Android

With the help of the Google Home app and screen mirroring option, you can also cast pdf from your android mobile. Follow the steps to do it.

#1. Install the Google Home app on your mobile which is available in the play store.

#2. Log in with your Google account.

#3. It starts scanning the available devices from which you have to choose your device to cast.

#4. As done in the chrome browser select the pdf file.

#5. Tap on the 3- dotted menu icon and choose the ‘cast ‘ option.

#6. Pdf will cast to the Chromecast device which you have already chosen.

#7. Now it will appear on your big screen.

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Final Words

The concept of casting pdf may seem simple and not that much important but it will greatly help during seminars and conferences where you may require to cast PDF and have to show everything on the big screen which could be viewed by everyone. At that place, Chromecast pdf takes a major role and differentiates you from others. You can cast pdf from iPhone also following the same above-mentioned steps.

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