Chromecast Mobdro to TV | How to Cast Mobdro to TV from Android, PC?

How to Chromecast Mobdro to TV: Mobdro app provides streaming of online videos, movies, TV shows, and Live TV channels free of charge. It became so popular in a quick period of time because it satisfies its users with the latest videos and movies. As far as the app is compatible with only android mobiles and that too in android version above 4.2. The disadvantage with the Mobdro app is that it does not support Chromecast features.

There is a casting feature within the app but to use that you have to pay some amount to activate the premium package. If you are not interested in spending the amount then there is another method that helps you to cast Mobdro free of cost. For that, you need to install an additional app from the Google play store. Let’s see the above-mentioned steps in detail to get a clear understanding.

How to Cast Mobdro to TV?

You have to download the Mobdro application from its official website as it could not be found on the Google play store. Once you have installed the app follow the below-mentioned instructions.

How to Cast Mobdro to a TV using Chromecast_
How to Cast Mobdro to a TV using Chromecast_
  1. If this is the first time you are using the Mobdro app you can’t find a cast option while watching videos.
  2. To get the cast option you have to pay € 2.99 and activate its premium features.
  3. To activate premium features go to settings at the top left corner and tap on ‘Go premium‘ option.
  4. Then follow the instructions to make payment.
  5. Once you complete the payment process, a premium feature for a year will activate and you could be able to use the cast option from the app itself.
  6. To test it, play a video on the app, the ‘cast‘ icon will be displayed at the top right corner of the video.
  7. Before casting make sure that your mobile and Chromecast are at the same wi-fi network.
  8. Once you tap on it, it will display the available Chromecast devices.
  9. Tap on your device and in the next second the video on your mobile will be cast on your TV screen.

If you are ready to pay and activate premium features this the easiest method to cast Mobdro to TV. If not, follow the second method to cast Mobdro to TV.

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How to Chromecast Mobdro to TV using Google Home App

In this method, you don’t need to pay any amount to get the cast feature. The only thing you have to do is to install the Google home application. Follow the below-mentioned steps to perform it.

  • Install Google Home app from Google play store. It’s completely free to download.
  • Make sure that your Chromecast and your mobile are at the same wi-fi network.
  • Open the app, tap on the menu option at the top left corner.
  • Click on ‘Cast screen/audio’ option. Again click the same option on the next page displayed.
  • The app will show the available devices from which you have to choose your Chromecast to cast.
  • After selecting the Chromecast, your entire mobile screen will be cast on the TV screen.
  • Now the videos which you play on the Mobdro app view on the big screen.

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Casting the entire mobile screen could be a better option than spending an amount to get the casting feature. This method is simple and the only thing you have to do is to download an extra app with the Mobdro app.

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