Chromecast Firefox | How to Cast Firefox to TV using Chromecast?

Using Chromecast in smart tv devices has become a common scenario. Google Chromecast helps the users to enjoy any content from varied devices on the smart tv screen. It supports most of the available devices. But a confusion prevails on how to cast contents from firefox using Chromecast. Let us see how to cast firefox using Chromecast.

Mozilla firefox

This application is a free web browser and the Mozilla foundation developed it. This web browser collects very little data about the user. This web browser automatically blocks the trackers. This app allows users to access over 90 languages. This app is compatible with devices like Windows, Mac, Linux, and so on. The users should keep the app up to date for better functioning. Some of the major features of the app are given below.

Features of firefox

#1. The users can customize the web browser. Users can change the themes and modes. And besides, the users can adjust search bar settings and change the new tab layout.

#2. Also, the users can stream, share, and play in this app. Further, the users can share links from the browser.

#3. The users can block the autoplay of videos and audios.

#4. Users can access an easy search. Also, the users can bookmark webpages and open tabs from history.

#5. This app provides the users with great security for their personal information.

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Storage space acquired by Mozilla firefox

Firefox normally accesses less space. This application uses less than 30% of the computer’s RAM.

Major specification of firefox

Users can stream and perform multitask on firefox. And also the users can enjoy the expanded dark mode. Moreover, the app offers users an extra layer of protection (DNS over HTTPS or DoH).

How to cast firefox from android using Chromecast?

Chromecast Firefox
Chromecast Firefox

To cast contents from firefox on the android device the user should connect the Chromecast device to the smart tv or the device in which it should be accessed. The users are provided with detailed steps for this process.

#1. Initially, the user should check that all the devices are connected to the same wifi.

#2. The user should open the installed firefox on an android device.

#3. Then the user should type “about:config” on the URL bar.

#4. After entering on the URL bar click on enter.

#5. The user should also check that the “browser casting is enabled” is set true.

#6. Now the user can search for the content to be watched on firefox.

#7. The user must also ensure that the content is Chromecast supported.

#8. Then the user can tap on the cast icon shown over the video player. Also, the user can click on the cast icon next to the firefox home icon.

#9. The user should tap on the device name to screencast.

#10. Thus the user can watch the contents from firefox. And the user can control the content from the android device.

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How to cast firefox from iOS, Mac, and windows using Chromecast?

The firefox is supported on Mac OS, Windows, iOS devices. But they do not support the cast function. One of the remedies for this problem is using an android emulator. The users can download emulators and set them up. The user can download firefox and the play store inside the emulator. And after that, the users can follow the same steps that have been used to cast firefox from an android device.

Bottom line

Therefore the process of the screencast from firefox using Chromecast is much easier. Users can follow the above-given steps for an easy screencast. Though many other devices and apps help in the screencast, Chromecast has its unique features. Enjoy using the contents from firefox with the help of Chromecast. Get yours soon….

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