How to Add and Activate CBS All Access on Roku? [Simple Steps Updated]

Welcome to the CBS ALL ACCESS ON ROKU article. Most of them are searching for a good article for having the entire contents of series, movies, and sports events. For these users, this article should help you a lot. Because the CBS All Access application is filled with amazing features with Roku devices. So, without skipping any other important things, readout the whole article.

Roku is a digital media player and it’s easy to use. Anyone can set-up the process very easy. It carries a single remote and brilliant features. The most important thing is to promote the contents quickly. There are free content, series, movies, and sports incidents that are available on the Roku device.

About CBS All Access

CBS all access is a streaming video service. It’s from an American owner. The application provides original and pure content to the users. In this app, you can get the real and entire content of movies, series, sports categories, and news. It provides the complete content to you. There are more than 10,000 episodes available on this app. You can watch the daytime and late at night.


CBS all access holds lots of benefits to the users. To get an attachment with this app, you have to know the specifications. Check the features of CBS all access.

  • The app offers the original content regularly and in a high-quality manner.
  • Everyone can stay tuned with this app and its sources.
  • It’s a 24×7 live section. You can use it properly.
  • You can stream backward the scenes hooks of particular and special scenes or programs.
  • Then, you can see the latest and old episodes the day after it is released.
  • It’s an ad-free source. You can watch classic shows without any ads.
  • The app is also supported by the streaming CBS sports network on Roku.

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How to Add CBS All Access on Roku?

CBS All Access on Roku
How to Add and Activate CBS All Access on Roku?

To get this prominent application, you have to install it on your device. So, to install and add the application on the Roku device, do follow the steps.

STEP1: Initially, on your Roku remote, you have to click the “Home button” on your Roku television.

Press Home Button
Press Home Button

STEP2: You have to look out for the “Streaming channels” option on the home screen.

Select Streaming Channel
Select Streaming Channel

STEP3: Then, Select Search Channels to Search CBS All Access.

Select Search Channels
Select Search Channels

STEP4: Then, you have to search for the “CBS All Access” application using the keypads. Select the necessary app from the list.

STEP5: Click the “Add Channel” option on your following screen.

Add CBS All Access to Roku
Add CBS All Access to Roku

STEP6: The download and installation process is getting over, Click “Ok“.

STEP7: Now, click the home screen option and from the Roku remote, select the “CBS all-access“.

STEP8: Finally, you have to sign-in your details to begin streaming CBS on Roku.

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How to Activate CBS All Access on Roku?

Once the installing process is and sign-in details are getting over, you have to activate your application. So, follow the steps.

STEP1: At first, you have to open the CBS all access application on your Roku device.

STEP2: Now, provide the sign-in details and make note of the activation code.

STEP3: After launching the application, you have to browse on your PC or Android.

Open Browser
Open Browser

STEP4: Now, you have to enter the following website of

Activate CBS All Access on Roku
Activate CBS All Access on Roku

STEP5: On the next page, you have to enter the activation code.

STEP6: Choose the “Activate” option.

STEP7: There is an absence of your mistake or you are not signed in, you will be prompted to log in to your CBS account.

STEP8: After getting the confirmation code, you will begin to use the application of CBS All Access.

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Final Verdict

Thus we are in the concluding part. Through the entire article, you should know the details of CBS ALL ACCESS ON ROKU. Because it’s simple to understand and easy to proceed. There is nothing impossible in the world. To subscribe to this channel to get the latest content. Keep going well with the wonderful application.


Is CBS All Access Available on Roku?

Yes, It’s is available on the Roku Channel Store. You can access your Roku account with your subscription. The above steps are explaining the methods of getting the CBS ON ROKU application. So, use the steps to install and activate the app on Roku.


Yes. There are limited subscription plans as per month. From the limited commercial plans with $5.99 per month to stream the on-demand shows with limited advertisements. Otherwise, you can use the $9.99 per month to stream the shows without any ads.


To remove or cancel your CBS all access on Roku, you have to follow the simple steps. Initially, you can log into your CBS account. Then, “Go to My Account page” and then click the “Cancel Subscription” option. You have to confirm it again and then select the reason to cancel it.

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