How to Add and Watch Cartoon Network on Roku? [Updated]

Dear little masters!!! Your day may not fulfill without watching your favorite cartoon characters. They are the real heroes for your non-stop entertainment. Sometimes, not only kids but also youngsters, adults show interest to watch cartoon networks. Cartoon Network is the well-known channel we all come across in our childhood. It is possible to watch CN on streaming players. Let see the following simple steps to set up Cartoon Network in our Roku streaming player. Come on! Scroll down your cursor.

About Cartoon Network

American cable television network launched the unbeatable animating media service called as Cartoon Network. This channel especially focuses on Kids below the age of 15. It upholds the animated series, fun-filled cartoon characters, children’s programs, animated comedy shows to catch the children’s attention. It has millions of paid users and broadcast to Nationwide through satellite and also cable TV services. Cartoon Network seems like the home for all the virtual and animated characters, collection of cartoon series which entertains the kids, youngsters even the elders too.


  • Paid subscribers can watch newly released episodes easily and instantly.
  • Watch a selection of full-length Unlocked episodes without login or authenticating.
  • Most trending cartoon shows on this channel are Ben 10, Teen Titans Go, Gumball, Ninjago, PowerPuff Girls, Adventure Time, Uncle Grandpa, Magiswords, Clarence, Transformers, etc.
  • Cartoon network available on most of the streaming players like Roku, Set-top boxes, and smart TVs.
  • Users can get this channel in the terms of cable TV service or Satellite.
  • The resolution of animated videos in HDTV and SDTV format, which gives visual quality to the channel.
  • Cartoon network available in regional languages. For example, Indian Television channels available in the languages of English(HD+ only), Tamil, Hindi, Telugu.
  • Non-subscribers can watch unlocked episodes and cartoon shows.
  • Subscribers can share their favorite channels with personalized options.
  • “CC” button used to get Closed Captioning while playing the video.
  • If you want to know more about cartoon network, click to visit this website

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How to Add cartoon Network on Roku?

Cartoon network channel officially available on the Roku streaming device. Roku comes up with streaming channels in the form of an application. It is quite easy to install CN on the Roku device. Don’t miss out on the simple steps given below.

Cartoon Network on Roku
How to Add and Watch Cartoon Network on Roku?

Usually, we can see the cartoon network channel on our Smart TV. For watching CN, we should pay and subscribe to the channel with the help of a Cable TV provider. Instead of using Cable TV, we can use Satellite services through Dish Network, Direct TV, C band. Apart from this, it will run on many streaming media like Roku TV, YouTube TV. This article specifically focused on install CN on the Roku streaming device.

STEP1: Connect your Roku device to your smart TV in the HDMI port.

Connect HDMI Cable
Connect HDMI Cable

STEP2: Connect the internet source. Switch on the device using the Roku Remote.

STEP3: As soon as turning on you will land on the Home screen. Or else click the Home button on Roku Remote.

Press Home Button
Press Home Button

STEP4: Under the Home menu, you can see the Streaming Channels section.

Select Streaming Channel
Select Streaming Channel

STEP5: Streaming channel contains many sub-sections. In that highlight, the search channels option using the Roku remote.

Select Search Channels | cartoon Network on roku
Select Search Channels

STEP6: Afterwards, Search for the Cartoon Network channel. Choose the channel from the suggestion list.

STEP7: It highlights the +Add channel option. Click on that to add the CN channel.

Add Cartoon Network Channels to Roku
Add Channels to Roku

STEP8: Next, Click to launch the channel on the Roku player.

That’s it. Within a minute you can successfully install a cartoon network on your Roku TV or Roku streaming player. Installation is not enough to watch videos. You should activate the channel to load the different content inside the channel.

How to Activate Cartoon Network on Roku?

Continue your reading to know how to activate the cartoon network on your Roku device. It takes simple steps to go.

STEP1: Firstly, you have to finish the above steps and be ready with the application.

STEP2: Click to Open the cartoon network channel on Roku.

STEP3: You need to give the necessary personal details for the login process.

STEP4: After that, Roku shows the activation code on its screen. Note it down.

STEP5: At the same time, open the web browser on your smartphone or PC.

Open Browser
Open Browser

STEP6: Go to the official website of the cartoon network which is handled by your cable TV service provider and enter the code here.

STEP7: Your request will be redirected to your TV provider to login to the channel account.

STEP8: Finally, Here it is. Now, the famous Cartoon Network programs, shows, series, will start loading on your Roku TV. Simply tap to watch your favorite animating character and enjoy watching on the Roku TV screen.How to Add and Watch Youtube on Roku? [Activate Youtube on Roku]

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Can you Get a Cartoon network on Roku?

Yes. However, most of the streaming players pre-installed the Cartoon Network channel. Likewise, Roku also comes up with a CN application. If it’s not found you can easily download it from the Channel store using the above necessary steps. Then activate your account using the verification code from the channel provider to get all the features.

Can you Stream Cartoon Network on Roku for Free?

Yes. You can watch CN shows without a cable TV connection. It’s available on online streaming apps like YouTube TV, Hulu+Live, Sling TV, and so on. Hence, it’s entirely free to stream, and most users can prefer to access it with a cable TV or satellite subscription. Roku is a popular streaming player which is useful to stream your Cartoon network channel. Anyone can set up CN on a Roku player. It’s quite simple. Make use of the above procedure to stream your cartoons on Roku.

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Final Verdict

On the whole, Engage your kids to watch Cartoon shows and make their childhood cheerful!. Now stream your favorite cartoon shows through Roku streaming player. Hopping, each section of this article may include some unknown information which helps to solve your queries. We are always thankful for spending your valuable time to read this article.

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