Planet Fitness Membership

How to Cancel Planet Fitness Membership?

Welcoming you all to the Fitness World! Yeah, we are here to tell you the method to cancel your Planet Fitness Membership. Meanwhile, Planet Fitness is one of the largest Fitness centers in the United States. As per the source, there are more than 2400 Fitness Clubs operating in and around various countries of the World.

Like other Fitness Centers, Planet Fitness also provides its services based on your Subscription Plans. If you have the feeling of spending your money more on fitness, then you can cancel your Planet Fitness Plan easily with the steps we are going to give here.

How to Cancel Planet Fitness Membership?

Firstly, your budget will be the main reason for Canceling your Planet Membership. In that way, we have a few different ways that help you to cancel it.

Planet Fitness Membership
How to Cancel Planet Fitness Membership?

Approaching Local Club Manually

This is the simplest process to cancel your Fitness Membership. Reach the Local Club in which you have signed in or joined already. There you can contact the Front Desk and get the Cancellation form. You have to fill out the form to cancel your plan and return it back to them. After that, it will cancel your Next month’s Payment Cycle.

Send Mail to your Fitness Club

On the other hand, you can also write a letter to your Gym. The cancellation request letter should contain the necessary details like Name, Date of Birth, Email Address, Residential Address, Phone Number, Planet Fitness Membership ID, Last 4 digits of your Credit Card, and Signature. Take a printout of this letter and send it to the correct location of your Local Club through mail. As soon as they receive your letter, they will take the steps to cancel your membership.

Bottom Line

Hopefully, we have completed the topic of How to Cancel Planet Fitness Membership. Certainly, you can only cancel your membership via Mail or in Person. On the contrary, they will not consider if you request for the cancellation through Phone. The only thing you have to do is to send or reach the Fitness Club that you have joined.

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