How to Watch BT Sport on NOW TV?

BT Sport is an Amazing television channel that especially functions in the United Kingdom and Ireland. Actually, BT Sport concentrates only on sports like rugby, football, boxing, MotoGP, UFC, and more. So, Sports lover wants BT Sport on their Television cable. But some of the users are using NOW TV subscription packages. For the user, you have to Subscribe to the BT Sports Pass on Now TV. There has been a lot of question and trouble while using BT Sport on Now TV. To resolve all your queries, we have made a short and simple guide for you.

Is BT Sport on Now TV?

yes, Bt sport is available on the Now TV. But Now TV does not provide bt sport separately it comes up with a Sports bundle. Just buy the sports bundle and watch all the sports channels like Sky Sports, BT sports, and more.

Can I watch BT Sport on Now TV?

Absolutely, You can watch BTSport on Now TV. But you must have a Sports package subscription. Now TV has 45% offer on Sports Pass which costs only 40 euro per month.

How to Get BT Sport on Now TV?

BT Sport on Now TV
How to Watch BT Sport on Now TV

BT Sport is available on Now TV in the name of Extra sports pass. It has been provided according to user convenience. All you have to do is Sign Up on the Now TV account and Choose Sports Extra. that’s it now you can watch all the BT Sports Channel on your account.

Before proceeding, make sure that you have a NOW TV account. If you don’t have one that you have to Sign Up for Now TV. Follow the link to get to know How to Sign UP, for Now, TV. in that, you can get step-by-step instructions to Sign Up and Choose a Pass.

Step1: Sign-In into your Now TV account.

Step2: Move on to the TV Pass section

Step3: In that, You can find Sports Extra pass Section.

Step4: Select the pass according to your usage like Day, Week, Month.


Step5: it takes you to the next window asking you for Sports pass with an offer.

Step6: If you are in need of Sports click on grab deal. Or Click on Continue with Sports Extra.


Step7: Then, it takes you to the payment section and pays for the Sports Extra.

That’s it. Now you can find the BT Sports channel on your app.

How to Watch Bt Sport on Now TV?

BT Sport is an amazing television channel that provides live sports matches without any delay. So, the user loves watching sports matches on Bt Sport. Some of the Now TV users cannot separately afford the BT Sports channel if they don’t have a cable. So, they can watch BT Sport on NOW TV by subscribing to their packages.

Sign In using your Now TV account, and in the featured recommendations. You can get the live sports matches or else you can look into the sports category for active matches.

Once you signed up and bought the Sports Pass then, it is easy to use the BT Sport on TV.

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