How to Install BT Sport on LG Smart TV? [2022]

Dear reader, Are you searching for any sports channel? A vital channel is waiting for you. Have you heard the word BT Sport ever before, if not mean, come here, I will guide you about this exciting channel.BT Sport is a UK channel broadcasts live sports events and highlights on LG Smart Tv. This application offers a tremendous amount of sports programs at your doorstep. Do you know how to watch BT Sport on LG Smart tv? If not, this article is only for you, read this and learn about BTSport and how to watch on LG Tv.

What is BT Sport?

BT Sport is a famous pay television sports channel belonging to BT Group in UK and Ireland. It offers exclusive live matches of football, rugby union, boxing and more.BT Sport is available on BT Tv, Sky in UK and Eir tv and Vodafone tv in Ireland. League matches of UFC, Hockey World League and WWE matches are also provided for BT Sport users.        BT Sport tv is available on Android mobiles and tablets using streaming devices like Chrome Cast, Firestick, Roku streaming player and Xbox streaming too..or otherwise, you can download it from the Google App store and Apple app store. If you miss any exclusive matches or highlights, you can watch the program in your leisure time.

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How to Install BT Sport on LG Smart TV?

Are you watching LG Smart Tv? BT Sport is now available in LG os. So you can easily download the app from the LG content store. I will give some tips on how to download BT Sport on LG Smart Tv.

BT Sport on LG Smart TV
How to Install BT Sport on LG Smart TV?

Step 1:

Switch on the LG Smart Tv using the remote control meanwhile check If your tv is connected to internet service.

Step 2:

Press the home button to open the LG content store option.

Step 3:

From this option, you can search for the BT Sport App.

Step 4:

Now, the BT Sport App will open and click download.

Step 5:

BT Sport is open, and you can watch your favorite sports program.

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How to Screen Mirror BT Sport on LG Smart TV using Android?

Sometimes the BT Sport is not available on LG tv, don’t feel for that, here is a method how to screen mirror on your tv using your android mobile.

Step 1:

First, connect your android mobile and tv to internet service.

Step 2: 

Then check whether your mobile has the BT Sport app or not.

Step 3:

Enable the option screen mirror on both devices.

Step 4:

Now open the BT Sport application on your mobile and watch your favorite programs on LG smart tv.

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Hopefully, you enjoyed reading this article. This article will help you to know about BT Sport and the process of watching on your LG Tv. During your leisure time, you can enjoy sports programs with your colleagues. The subscribers can get a mind-blowing experience virtually and enjoy the interviews of sports players. I think this is enough for the readers to know about BT Sport on LG TV.


Can I get BT Sport on LG Smart TV?

Yes, you can get BT Sport by installing it from the LG Content store on LG TV. Sometimes it is not available, for that purpose, you can use the Screen Mirror option.

What are the devices BT Sport compatible with?

BT Sport is available on the LG Content store and also available on streaming like Roku, Firestick, Chrome cast, and Xbox streaming too in Android and Ios devices.

How much is the cost of BT Sport?

BT Sport is not available for free. You will need a valid BT Sport subscription to watch your favorite sports. The cost of BT Sport cost £25 for a month.

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