How to Add and Watch Britbox on Roku? [Updated]

Install BritBox on Roku: Roku is one of the best streaming players to watch thousands of Free channels, Movies, and much more. Just connect the device with the internet and you are free to go to watch unlimited programs. Most of the Channels are available free of cost and only some have got a subscription cost to watch premium Movies, and programs.

In this Guide, we are gonna discuss the Britbox channel. However, the Britbox is available on Roku at free of cost but you have to do some subscription to watch the Programs in it. Also, Britbox is providing a Free trial for the user and after it, you will be charged for 5.99 Euro per month.

Let’s Move on to the procedure to Add and Watch Britbox on Roku easily.

What is Britbox?

Britbox is a Streaming Service Provider which is developed by BBC and ITV. It contains a huge collection of British programs, and exclusive. Also, The BBC and ITV are available on the Britbox. So, it is a complete set of the package which worth the money to Buy.

The Britbox Costs around 5.99 Euro per month. If you are new to BritBox and you can enjoy using 7-days Free Trial. It the Supports all the application like Apple TV, iPad, iPhone, Android, PC Windows, Firestick, a and Roku. Britbox Spitting image is going to relaunch on Britbox Exclusively. Much more trending shows are available on the Britbox and it will worth to subscribe to their package.

Is Britbox available on Roku?

Yes, Britbox is available on the Roku channel store. You can just follow the steps below to add Britbox to Roku.

How to Add Britbox on Roku?

Britbox on Roku
How to Add and Watch Britbox on Roku?

Adding channels on Roku is so simple and easy to do it. Once you have followed the steps and it will be the same for adding all the channels to your Roku. There will be the only difference in adding a Hidden channel on Roku. Let’s Move on to the installation procedure directly.

Step1: Turn on Roku and Press the home Button on your Roku Remote.

Britbox on Roku
Press Home Button

Step2: On the Home page, you can find a list of options in that click on Streaming channels.

Select Streaming Channel
Select Streaming Channel

Step3: It takes you to the next screen and there you can find Search Channels options.

Select Search Channels
Select Search Channels

Step4: Then on the search channel, just type Britbox.

Step5: Below appears a list of applications with resembling BritBox. In that click on Britbox.

Step6: On the Britbox Dashboard, you can find an Option as Add Channel.

Step7: Click on Add Channel. It will add you channel to your Roku device.

Add Britbox on Roku
Add Britbox on Roku

That’s it. you have successfully installed Britbox app on Roku. You can use the application by going to My channels option on Home Screen.

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How to Activate Britbox on Roku?

Step1: Open Britbox on Roku.

Step2: On the screen you can find an activation code on your screen.

Step3: Open a browser on your PC or Smartphone and type the URL as given. “”.

Step4: In the next screen, you will be asked to enter the code. Just enter and click on activate.

Step5: Now, Login into your Britbox account or Create a new one and claim a free trial.

How to Watch Britbox on Roku?

Step1: Open My channels

Step2: Search and Open Britbox

Step3: Enjoy watching all your Favorite shows, and movies.

Note: In case, If you are opening it for the first time. Then, you have to Activate and Sign in using your Britbox Account.

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Bottom Line

Really, Britbox is an amazing Streaming application that provides and has a huge collection of British programs. Mostly, it targets the country like the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada. Users can enjoy watching all the Original, Programs, movies at an affordable cost. Hope that the guide is useful for you to Install Britbox on Roku. Actually, the procedure is the same for Roku TV and all other Roku devices.


How do I sign up for Britbox on Roku?

Open BritBox on Roku and on the Top Right Corner you can find a circular ID. Just tap on it and click on Register. It will ask you to enter your details and click on Subscribe. On the next screen, it will ask you to Claim Free Trial.

How to Cancel Britbox on Roku?

Open Britbox and move on to the Account Details. there, you can find a Subscription. Just tap on it and you can find your subscription. Just click on Cancel my Subscription. In case, you are canceling the Free trail then do it before 24 hours of your trial period ends.

Can I get BritBox for free?

Yes, you can get Britbox for free only for 7-days. Because Britbox is offering 7-days Free trial for a new users after that you will be charged.

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