Best Whatsapp Alternatives to use in 2022 with End to End Encryption

WhatsApp!!! Nowadays WhatsApp became the world’s favorite choice of messenger. We knew that Facebook Company-owned WhatsApp application. Recently, WhatsApp updated its data privacy policy which annoys many of the users. The new terms and conditions clearly state that the company collects all of the data whichever passed in the WhatsApp app. So, many users feel to move on from WhatsApp into any other secured applications. This article suggests the perfect WhatsApp alternatives which protect your data with enhanced messaging service. Scroll down the article till the end.


          WhatsApp is a famous messaging application with 2 billion users across the world. The main purpose of this application is chatting. Many of the users are used to the fascinating features of WhatsApp. Through this app we can do voice calling, video chatting, group video chatting, status uploading, sending locations, etc. This app is available as an application and also in the web version. So it seems very easy to access the app on any of our devices. Due to some privacy issues, many of the users looking for alternative apps equal to WhatsApp. If you fail to use WhatsApp then you can move on to any other alternative which equals WhatsApp. Here the list of Whatsapp alternative apps for you!

Best Whatsapp Alternatives
Best Whatsapp Alternatives

  • Telegram Messenger
  • Threema
  • Signal
  • Viber
  • Hike Messenger

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SIGNAL – Best Whatsapp Alternatives

Signal - best Whatsapp Alternatives

On this alternatives list, Signal is the next choice. It is a popular messaging app and promising privacy to users. Like WhatsApp, user can share images, texts, audios, and make audio/video calls to your friends. It is compatible with iPhone and Android devices. Signal encrypts all the shared files and brings plenty of security benefits to the users. It is available on all major platforms like ios and Android.

Signal users can enable the message disappearing feature for each chat and set a time for automatic deletion. Anyone can easily install it from the play store and make use of it. Using the signal in your smartphone is much more simple and handier like WhatsApp. It provides various features and updates frequently.

Android App: Link

iOS App: Link


Telegram - best Whatsapp Alternatives

The next alternative is Telegram. It is the fastest instant messaging app which is the perfect replacement for WhatsApp. Telegram is free of cost and an open-source application. It is available on both Android and iOS platforms. The web version of Telegram is also available on the Internet. Also, It delivers your chats and media with 256-bit symmetric encryption. So, all the data and messages will remain secure.  It delimits the size of the media, files, and videos passed on this app. This means the user can send any format of movies and any size of media through this app.

This app is preferable for non-stop messaging service and a better replacement to WhatsApp. In this app, you can easily download images, audio, movies, and can share the downloading URL link of the favorite movies. All you need is uninterrupted Internet access on your device. It works extremely speedily while downloading the files.

Android App: Link

iOS App: Link



The Threema is a trustworthy application. If you don’t want to miss the interface of WhatsApp then try out this app. Threema is a paid service. If privacy is important more than payment then you can undoubtedly go for the Threema app. Install this app on your device to make protected communication. It verifies your account with unique QR codes instead of collecting mobile numbers.

Through this app, you can send texts, images, locations, make voice calls. Most importantly, it uses end-to-end encryption. Thus, any of your personal information will not misuse further. User can hide any particular contact or their chats with a password using the PIN lock feature.

Android App: Link

iOS App: Link



The Viber is a popular messaging service that is a completely secured one. The latest version of Viber provides even more protection when comparing to the older version. It is free of cost and witnessed a few ads contained. Installing this app is very simple and accessing it on any device are too easy. Also, It uses the mobile number to identify the users. Viber lets the user make international calls which is another good thing.

Like the Hike app, it offers many funny stickers and games which give much more spice to your chats. Viber protects the data such as voice calls, video chats, group chats, shared files using end-to-end encryption. Thus, any type of chats and data will remain safe.

Android App: Link

iOS App: Link


Hike Messenger

The hike is a famous messaging app. It contains plenty of wondering features. It is preferable for its sticker chats. One can easily download and install this app on the Google Play store. It is easy to access and the user can change their themes of a particular chat. In this app, you can share images, audio files in desired formats such as Original, compressed, or High quality.

Now it’s upgraded into HikeLand where virtual hangouts with your friends are possible. It introduced the Home section which takes the people into their virtual home. Here you and your friends can watch videos together, play Ludo together. Meanwhile, chat with your friends while playing games. The chats are encrypted with 128-bit encryption. Hence, the users don’t want to worry about privacy and security on Hike.

Website: Link

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To sum up, all the above-mentioned messaging services are the best replacement for WhatsApp. Try out these apps without worrying about privacy and security. If protection is all you need, then these platforms are closely competitive with one another. Moreover, most of the apps are free of cost and compatible with all the devices. Make secure communication with your friends with lots of fun-filled features. I hope, this article suggests the best matches which suit your need for a secured messaging service.

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