The 17 Best Free Solitaire Apps for Android to Play without Ads

Solitaire is one of the oldest games played even today. Further, this game has been modified in different ways. Cards have a special place in gaming. Though Solitaire uses different game tactics in varied games it is still prominent. Above all, there are numerous Solitaire apps available nowadays. And today let us see some of the best Solitaire apps that are available for Android devices.

Best Solitaire Apps for Android

It is a difficult task to filter the best of the Solitaire apps available. Because each app has its own unique features, gaming rules, and tactics. Anyhow here are some of the popular and user-friendly Solitaire apps for Android devices.

Best Solitaire games for Android
Best Solitaire Apps for Android

#1. Spider Solitaire

#2. FreeCell Solitaire

#3. Solitaire Deluxe

#4. Solitaire Free Pack

#5. Solitaire by ken Magic

#6. Solitaire Softick

#7. 250+ solitaire collection

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Spider Solitaire – Best Solitaire Apps for Android

Spider Solitaire - best Solitaire Games for Android
Spider Solitaire

The users of this app can access almost 4 different suits of the game. And this version is similar to the original version. But this app has numerous twists and turns. And also there is the facility of unlimited undo to replay the wrong moves. The users will find that the game is auto-saved thus there are no issues of interruptions. Further, this app can be installed on the SD card. Games played in this app consist of hints and various game statistics. Above all the game is the same but slightly modified.

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FreeCell Solitaire – Best Solitaire Apps

Freecell Solitaire best Solitaire Apps for Android
Freecell Solitaire

MobilityWare developed FreeCell Solitaire. This app is much more modified with added features. This game has 8 racks to place the cards which are different from the normal gameplay. And this makes the game more unique. One of the amazing features of this app is the game is automatically saved and thus not interrupted. And there is unlimited undo along with a lot of hints. In addition, the users can install the app on SD card memory. Moreover, the other features are random games and game stats. Unlike the ordinary Solitaire, all the cards are revealed.

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Solitaire Deluxe

Solitaire Delux - best Solitaire Apps for Android
Solitaire Delux

This app consists of 16 different games. Solitaire Deluxe includes popular games from PC. For instance Solitaire, Spider Solitaire, and the FreeCell. And to add on this app has a fabulous HD display and makes it more attractive. This app also provides the facility to contact friends and compare scores even on social media sites. The users can access all 16 games for free. Also, the users are provided with features like customizable backgrounds. In addition, this helps the users to personalize the gaming experience. Users can access advanced graphics and guides for 16 games can be accessed. This app also supports landscape and portrait modes.

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Solitaire Free Pack

Solitaire Free Pack
Solitaire Free Pack

This app provides users with access to almost 130 games. And also Solitaire Free Pack offers good graphics. Further, this app has the unique feature of fitting into any device screen. This app can be installed on the SD card memory. And also this app provides the users with unlimited undo and redo functions. The app also provides the users with statistics for every game.  For instance FreeCell, golf, forty thieves, pyramids, Scorpion Solitaire, and so on

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Solitaire (Softick)

Solitaire softick
Solitaire softick

The users can personalize this application. The score points have great significance in this app. This app is a pass time instrument. This gaming app has numerous twists and modified features. Both tablets and smartphones are compatible. Moreover, this app fits any device screen with good graphics quality.

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250+ solitaire collection

250+ Solitaire collection
250+ Solitaire collection

 This app has almost 250 varieties of solitaire games in it. For instance Freecell, Canfield, pyramid, spider, and so on. All the different game collections have different rules. And they have different game statistics methods. This app provides descriptions for varied games available. This feature makes the app more user friendly. All those instructions will help the user to play the games without much difficulty. The user will find that the app has good graphics and backgrounds. Moreover, the users can search for the games they want to play.

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Pyramid Solitaire

pyramid solitaire
Pyramid solitaire

This app is very simple to access and known for its simplicity. Further, this app is much useful to play the old classic Solitaire. IGC Mobile s.r.o. has developed this gaming app. The major thing the user must do is to arrange the cards in appropriate order by matching them. This is a simple Solitaire app for all age groups. In addition, this app has varied Solitaire games like FreeCell, forty thieves, and spiders. Users can undo moves and also use the search button instead of the trackball.

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Alternative Solitaire apps for Android

#1. Solitaire Dungeon Escape

#2. 250+ Solitaire collection

#3. Age of Solitaire

#4. Solitaire: frozen dream forest

#5. Vampire Solitaire

#6. Solitaire treasure hunt

#7. Solitaire Tripeaks

#8. Solitaire perfect match

#9. Pyramid Solitaire saga

#10. Twenty48 Solitaire and so on

Bottom line

And thus the popular Solitaire apps have been discussed above. And also some of the alternatives are also provided.  Therefore enjoy playing the best Solitaire on an Android device. And experience the fabulous gaming features of the applications. Hurry and get yours, and start your match.

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