The 5 Best Note taking Apps for Windows 10/7/8/XP to Use in 2022

Generally, there is a saying that, Writing and taking notes is the most essential thing to keep the information safe instead of reading twice. So, the better way to enhance the knowledge and keep the material safe, note-taking is the most prominent idea. This article provides an amazing view of the best note-taking apps for Windows 10/7/8/Xp to the readers. Swipe down to read out the entire article.

What is Note Taking App?

Note-taking is basically a notepad system. Each and everyone can take important and essential ideas and information from their private sector. For those critical times, this note-taking app helps a lot. This app is available on all Internet sources and devices of Android, Web, Windows.

Best Note-Taking Apps for Windows 10/7/8/XP

Best Note Taking Apps for Windows
Best Note-Taking Apps for Windows

First of all, taking notes is the most personal one. There may be many options and features available on the applications. Usually, the people write the notes on a handkerchief, envelope, waste paper, tickets, and much more. The app system is equal to the usual note-taking with some alternates. Let’s see the best note-taking apps for windows.

EVERNOTE – Best Note-taking Apps for Windows

Evernote - Note Taking Apps for Windows

The initial note-taking app is Evernote. It’s an absolute digital notebook and one of the best apps. The app applies to Android, iOS, Mac OS, Windows, and Web. There is no way to mention the best note-taking app without Evernote. Because it offers numerous features to take notes.

The user can use this app without any rules and hurdles. You can use it in any format. There is an availability to add audio files, text notes, pictures, pdf records, hand-written copies, emails, websites, and anything if you want. This Evernote is the safest application. You can easily comprise shortly and regulate your notes. The user can create the ‘New Note’ and make use of it.

Everyone is a multi special application with numerous easy creatives. If you want to upload any kinds of sheets, business cards, a menu, and anything, you can automatically read. You can also add your favorite pictures. There is a premium subscription to get the searchable pdfs and documents. You are not able to save and read your notes offline. There is a limited option available.  You can use it properly.

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MICROSOFT ONE NOTE – Note-taking Apps for Windows

Microsoft Onenote - Note Taking Apps
Microsoft Onenote

The next best application is Microsoft one note. This is a free tool to take notes. It is also compatible with Android, Mac, Web, iOS, and Windows. This is an app of a full-featured application. Without the monthly subscription, the user can use this app freely. The app is allotted as two sections of subsections and pages.

Here, you can drag and drop your Pictures. From your photo, you can add some text notes and much more alternates. It’s very helpful to students for long notes. Basically, it’s known as the purposeful application. This Microsoft One Note is the most well-known tool. It has five options of Home, Insert, Draw, View, and Tell Me. Each possibility provides different features.  The user can use this one note on your OneDrive Storage.

App: Link


Apple Notes - Note Taking Apps for Windows 10
Apple Notes

The following best app for note-taking is the Apple Notes app. It’s for Apple users. And it is also possibly available on windows, mac os, and the Web. This app is an in-built application for all Apple devices. It is also called iCloud Notes. The app is extremely convenient, easy to handle. The user can organize any kind of notes and there is an option of Search Bar to find anything easily.

The user can easily find particular paintings scanned documents and inside images. Once you can create a fresh note, you can enhance the text with images, scan documents, drawings, indexes, tables, and much more. It’s a very active and review giving application.

App: Link


Google keep
Google Keep

The other best note-taking app is Google Keep. It’s for Google power users. This app is compatible with Windows, Web, Chrome, and Android. Taking notes is not a simple thing, it’s all for some purposes. This google keep helps you to remind the email to your colleague, sketch your new book, and millions of other things.

Google Keep is a little different from other apps. The internet resources of Android, Web Browser, Chromecast extension is used for recouping sharp notes. There is a sidebar option to have quick access to your Gmail browser, Google docs, Google Calendar, and Google Drive. You can set the reminder using this google keep app. This is an outstanding application for your personal life.



The final note-taking application is the Notion. It’s an app for affiliation. The app is favorable with Windows, Android, iOS, Mac OS, and Web. The work of note-taking is not only for us, but it also for others. This app is to share and collaborate with others. The notion is an app to skirt the provision. It has three tools of a powerful notes app, a task and project manager, a reference wiki.

The notion implies all the fresh document and note page as a block. This block is filled with the components of texts, checklists, topics, pictures, web bookmarks, video, audio, snippets, and files. There are many templates available as in-built. The sidebar helps you to examine all your pages. Then, the two sections of Workspace and Private notes. It offers for personal use and also for others.

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Final Words

Finally, we are in the summing-up part. To conclude this best note-taking with the use of everyone, not only for personal use. The article provides a huge amount of information and ideas to handle the apps without any hurdles. You can choose any kind of application to take the proper and useful notes for both you and others. These all are promising features and specifications of the best note-taking apps. People should use it properly.

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