The 6 Best Free Note Taking Apps for Android to Use

Note-taking is a widely seen habitat present. Note-taking helps us to brush out the points collected. At times note taking help in planning out our daily routine. Similarly, it can be used for academics and as well as normal life instances or circumstances. Note-taking has reached the digital platform years back. But we must know what are the best apps that can be used for note-taking. Note-taking can be done on any device. For instance Android, iOS, and Mac devices. Today let us see about some of the best note-taking apps for Android.

Best Note-Taking Apps for Android

Note taking Apps for Android
Best Note-taking Apps for Android

There prevails a wide range of note-taking apps that can be used for Android devices. Some of the best note-taking apps are listed below.

#1. Microsoft OneNote

#2. Material notes

#3. Evernote

#4. Google keep

#5. Keep my notes

#6. Simplenote

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#1. Microsoft OneNote – Best Note-Taking Apps for Android

Microsoft Onenote - Note Taking Apps
Microsoft Onenote

This app has a notebook based system. And this app allows the user to easily export notes as PDF files. And thus the file can be shared. Further, the users are also provided with the facility of searching notes during editing. There are numerous advanced features. For instance, text formatting tools are available. The users can make notes on their creativity and imagination. This app also includes sticky notes. Moreover, this app also works offline and automatically syncs with OneNote. The users will find numerous added features that make it special.

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#2. Material Notes – Note-Taking Apps for Android

material Notes
material Notes

The material notes app is more user friendly and affordable. And it has the added features of colored notes. This app can be purchased for free. And the users will find in-app purchase facilities. And also this app also provides the users with a security pin of 4 digits. In addition, the users should create the pin for themselves. The users can access content stored on other devices. Users can access the search facility to find out the notes easily. We can also create shortcuts in order to access the file easily in the widgets. Moreover, the users of this app can also create reminders and add a “to-do list”. Moreover, the users can highlight the important notes.

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#3. Evernote

Evernote - Note Taking Apps for Android

This Evernote app is a free version and has user-friendly accessibility. And this app has added features for note-taking. Evernote makes use of enormous varieties of media. This app allows the user to include drawings, texts, PDFs, web clips, photos, and even audio. In addition, the users can also create notes in text forms with varied patterns. Further, users can sync the app on various devices and access it. The users can start the work on one device and continue in another by syncing. This app helps the users to add up “to-do list” and also scan the documents using the cameras. And in addition, the users can collaborate on the contents and share them with others. Also, the app provides other added features.

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#4. Google Keep

Google keep - the Best Note taking Apps
Google Keep

The Google keep app can be downloaded for free. And this app saves and backs up the files in Google. The users can access his app to create notes and also a ” to-do list”. This app also allows users to scan documents. Similar to the former app this app also helps to use varied forms of media. Further, the users of this app can insert images, audio, and many other files into the notes. The users will find that the app records memo to transcribe automatically. The app allows the users to scan varied forms of documents. Moreover, this app has multi-platform support. Moreover, there is a reminder feature.

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#5. Keep My Notes

Keep my Notes
Keep My Notes

However, the Keep my notes app helps users to create notes. Further, this app helps the user to access multiple formatting options. One of the unique features of this app is the “speech to text” feature. This feature helps the users to type text using the voice recognition feature. The users can also secure their files using passwords. The app provides the user with neat and user-friendly features. Also, the users can stick the notes as sticky notes on the main screen. And in addition, there are numerous dark and light themes available in this app.

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#6. Simplenote


This app consists of basic features of a note-taking app and some added features. There is the feature of tagging notes and sharing notes using URLs. Also, the users can view the history of the notes and restore the old version. This app also helps the user to sync notes and make them accessible on any platform. Moreover, this app concentrates on note-making and avoids unnecessary distractions. In addition, the app does not support audio attachments or formatting.

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Alternative Apps for Note-Taking for Android

#1. Classic notes

#2. ColorNote

#3. Squid

#4. LectureNotes

#5. BlackNote

#6. Omni Notes

#7. Fiinote

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To Conclude

Therefore these are the best apps available for Android devices. The user can select the app to be used based on their requirements. There are also numerous other applications that can be used to take notes. Access these apps and cultivate the habit of taking notes. Startup with any of these suggested apps. However, you can also check out the Best Flashcard apps to improve your visual memory.

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