Best Fun Games to Play on Zoom With Friends and Students in 2022

As we all know that the Zoom app is mainly used for video conference meetings. Further, to add to family meetings or meetups with friends on online platforms is not complete without funny games and entertainment. But, can we play over Zoom meetings?. Today, let us see what are the best games to play on Zoom.

What is Zoom?

The Zoom platform serves as the place where meetups are conducted during this pandemic. Mostly, Zoom is used for family gatherings and friendly meetings. Though the main purpose of the Zoom app is to conduct official meetings, impersonal meetings can also be scheduled.

Moreover, a Zoom account is not necessary to take part in a Zoom meeting. Further, there are numerous subscription plans to conduct major meetings that last longer than 40 minutes and with more than 100 participants. Let us see some of the major features of the Zoom app.


  • The users can screen share during the Zoom meetings.
  • Moreover, users can also record the meetings conducted to be viewed in the future.
  • In addition, the recordings will be accessible for 120 days and after that, it will get deleted.
  • Also, users can add filters and edit background settings.
  • And also, the users can access an easy and user-friendly interface.
  • Above all, the app works on WiFi, 3G, 4G/LTE, or 5G.

Best Fun Games to Play on Zoom

Best Game to Play on Zoom
Best Game to Play on Zoom

During impersonal meetings on Zoom, the participants can play games that can be carried out with utmost enthusiasm. And moreover, there are numerous games that can be played abiding by social distancing (on zoom meet). Here, let us see what are the games that can be played over Zoom meetings for a better party or get-together experience.

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Inside Scavenger Hunt

This game is more interesting for young children. And the procedure of the game is that the host of the game should screen share the list of some names of things or materials present in households. Moreover, the participants should collect the things listed on the screen. Thus, the one who gathers all the items on the list first will be the winner.

Anyhow, this game is more interesting for children. And people of all age groups can play this game. Further, the participants will find the game more interesting as the materials listed are more comic and funny.


While playing charades the participants can form various teams. And, when one team gives a name of a thing, place, man, film name or even a phrase, one member from the opponent team will receive it as a message through normal chat. And then the one who received the phrase or name should try to make their own team members guess the word given. If the participants fail to find it, the points will be given to the opponents.

Many of them play this game all over. Further, the tactic in the game is to provide difficult words to the opponents to prevent the team members from guessing the right answer. Above all children and adults play this game. And it considers as one of the interesting games.

Zoomed in

According to this play, the host should collect images and save them in a folder. And then the host of the game should screen share the image in a “Zoomed In” manner. Further, the host should allow the participants to guess. The users should guess the image “Zoomed In“. If they are unable to guess, the host should “Zoom Out” the image a little. And then the host should give time for the participants to identify the image. The one who finds the image faster and first will be the winner of the game.

The host can screen share any number of images. The host can conduct this game like a quiz. The major necessity of the game is clear video quality. People of any age can play this game.

Two truth and a lie

Two truths and a lie is a game where each participant will be given a chance to tell two truths and a lie. Meanwhile, the others should find the 2 truths and the lie. The one who finds the lie and the two truths are the winners. This game is similar to that of the truth or dare. But the interesting feature is finding the lie. Mostly young adults like this game and play them the most.

Draw it

In this game, each participant should take a notepad and a pen. Then each participant should start drawing a picture when given a chance. The picture drawn should be visible to the other participants. Then the participants should guess the picture drawn. The one who finds out what image is drawn wins.

To play this game the participants should have a good video resolution. Because nobody can identify the picture without a good resolution. It is not necessary that the participants should be great artists. On the other hand, the host should give importance to the ability of the participants to find the image.

Some Other fun Games to Play on Zoom App

Some other games that can be played on Zoom meetings are given below

What is the sound?

The participants should guess the sounds. They should identify the sounds (heard in this game). The one who finds the right one wins.

Read my lips

According to this game, the participants of the game should guess the phrase or message told by one among them without a voice. The participants should guess with the lip moments made. The one who finds the answer first wins.

Singing whisper challenge

In this game, the participants should find the song sung by one among them. And the rule is that the one who is singing the song should mute the microphone for others will not be able to identify the song with sound.


This game is similar to the quiz conducted normally. But here the requirement is a ppt with questions and the answer. The host should screen share the questions to the participants and pass it to each one if one does not know the answer. And finally, the host can reveal the real answers. The host provides points on the basis of answered questions.

To note: For some games like chess and carroms we can make use of gaming apps on online gaming. They can share the game link or invitation over the mobile phone while interacting on a Zoom meeting (on a laptop or computer). Thus there will be no interruption in the Zoom meeting. And at the same time, the game will be played.

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Final Verdict

And therefore, the participants of the meeting can play the suggested games and make the meetings memorable. There are numerous other games that can be played over the Zoom meetings. It is we who have to choose the game to be played. That too in accordance with the availability of requirements. Make Zoom meetings more cherishable and memorable.

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