The 7 Best FM Transmitter Apps for Android to use in 2021 [Updated]

Listening to music is not something that is new. Music stays along with the nature of life from ancient times. It stays as a companion through all the situations of life. Radios were the first medium that helped men to share major information, news, and music. Even today the radios are accessed by many. Today, let us see some of the best FM transmitter apps for Android.

Best FM Transmitter Apps for Android

There are numerous apps available for this purpose. But we must be aware of choosing these apps. The users must know the major features and usages of the apps. Some of the major FM transmitter apps for android are discussed below

Best FM Transmitter for Android
Best FM Transmitter for Android

#1. TuneIn

#2. Radio player, MP3- Recorder by Audials

#3. iHeartRadio


#5. myTuner Radio app

#6. PCRADIO- Online Radio

#7. Radio tuner

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Tuneln – Best FM Transmitter Apps for Android

TuneIn - best FM transmitter apps for Android

Tuneln is a prominent FM transmitter app. This app also helps to transmit between the car audio system and the smartphone. This app also supports Bluetooth support. Users of this app can also listen to the audio files saved on the smartphone. Moreover, the users of this app can access varied radio stations. This app does not take much space in the smartphone. This app is easily manageable. The users are also provided with large catalogs of radio stations. The app helps users to access their favorite radio stations on any device.

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Radio Player, MP3-Recorder by Audials — FM Transmitter Apps for Android

Radio player
Radio player

This app helps the users to access their favorite radio stations. The users can search for music with their names, genres, or even using the country names. The Audials have access to almost 100,000 radio stations. This app helps the user to choose what they want. In addition, the users can access their favorite podcasts in any language. This app also helps in connecting smartphones to the computer desktop. And also helps the user to access all the computer media collection. This app can be connected with airplay.

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iheartradio - FM Transmitter apps for Android

This application provides the users with access to multiple radio stations from the Android device. But it is important to have a good and stable internet connection. This application has a user-friendly interface. And also provides a sense of comfort for the users. There are a wide range of music collections and latest songs collections. The application has access to more than 20 million songs and almost 800 thousand plus singers. The users of this app can set up filters. Also they can create a favorite list of artists and songs. The users can also share music via iHeartRadio.

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Radio net - Best FM transmitter apps for Android
Radio net – Best FM transmitter apps for Android

The users of this app can access almost 30,000 plus radio stations. And it provides them with a standard set of basic functions. The users can access the built-in filter system. They can filter on the basis of genre, country, cities, language, and so on. This app is free to use with added features and easy accessibility. Further it is multifunctional and is user friendly. Users can sort their favorite radio stations. And also this app has a large catalog of online stations. The home page shows recently listened stations and recommendations. It also shows the favorites and the top-rated stations.

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MyTuner Radio App

Mytunerradio App
Mytunerradio App

This application provides access for the user on more than 30,000 popular radio stations. And it consists of radio stations from almost 120 countries around the world. In addition, the users of this app can listen to radio and podcasts in the background. And also the app can be connected with the support of Bluetooth. One of the special features is connecting through airplay. Above all this app is more easily accessible and has a good user interface.

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PCRADIO – Online Radio


This application has popular radio stations that broadcast through the internet. And it is fast and easy to access. Further, the app collects all the necessary updates automatically. In addition the list of the radio stations are updated automatically. One of the best qualities of this application is that it functions in a slow data connection or low-speed internet connection. Moreover, the users of this app can listen to pop, jazz, retro, classics, children’s, and many more. Above all the sound quality is unbeatable.

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Radio Tuner

Radio Tuner
Radio Tuner

This app is popular and has almost 50,000 plus radio stations. The app is accessible in the background. Users can search their favorite stations. And in addition, users can get this app for free. This app also has a filter option for searching. The users can access the lock screen audio control facility. And also the users can add their own station using the URL. Moreover, the users can record the favorite on-air radio stations. There are numerous stations available in varied languages. The users are also provided with the facility of sharing favorite stations. This application offers good sound quality and is easy to access. Users can also make use of YouTube search for the song played.

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Alternatives FM transmitter Apps for Android

#1. Radio Tuner

#2. Radio FM

#3. Simple Radio

#4. iSimple

#5. Pandora

#6. Slacker Radio

#7. TuneLink

#8. SiriusXM Radio and so on

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Bottom Line

And therefore we come to know about the major FM transmitter apps. And these apps are more capable to be used on Android devices or smartphones. There are also many other FM transmitter apps that can be accessed. So for a better experience access these apps and enjoy listening to your favorite radio stations without any more barriers. Hurry up !!!

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