The 5 Best Flashcard Apps for Android to Improve Visual Memory

Dear students! Do you think memorizing is a challenging task? Not at all. When you choose the perfect learning method nothing will be a tedious one. Probably, most of you knew about flash cards. It is a type of learning material that makes the learner memorize difficult terms easily. Many of us came across paper flashcards. But, this article suggests the best digital flashcard apps for Android. Let us surf the best apps for learning through Digitalized flash cards. Take a look at this article.


Flashcard is one of the most familiar teaching-learning aids. This method practices our brain to promote active recall. It has two sides and each side contains some information. One side carries the question and the backside carries the answer in simple terms like hints. When flipping the card we can memorize the particulars easily.


It is easier to make digital flashcards rather than paper cards. There are many flashcard apps available on the Internet. Anyone can simply install it and make the desired flashcard with question answers by simply entering the terms on it. You can create your deck. So that, we can flip both sides and memorize the terms whenever we need it through compatible devices like smartphones.


  • Users can install the Digital flashcard applications easily from the Google play store or App store.
  • Flashcards are highly preferable for memorizing important formulas, vocabulary, historical dates, or any of the subject matters.
  • Flashcards can be made up of physically using paper cards or virtually through applications.
  • The students can recall the content and retrieve the pieces of information
  • Many of the flashcard apps compatible with Android and iOS devices.
  • Digital flashcard apps perform user friendly and also handy to use on smartphones.

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Best Flashcard Apps for Android
Best Flashcard Apps for Android
  • AnkiDroid Flashcards:
  • Quizlet:
  • StudyStack:
  • Tiny cards – Flashcards by Duolingo

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 AnkiDroid Flashcards – Best Flashcard App for Android

AnkiDroid Flashcards
The AnkiDroid Flashcards
  • AnkiDroid is one of the most demanding flashcard apps on the online market. It crossed 5 million downloads and the best app for making flashcards. The content of the flashcards supports text, images, and sounds. It works under the spaced repetition software. This means, the card automatically flips the answer within the allotted space or period. So that the user takes some time to recall the answer.
  • It is absolutely a stellar tool for learning the facts, concepts, and more. You can download the decks which are already stored on this app. You are free to develop your cards as well as download the premade compiled decks in many languages. It is compatible with Windows, Android, iOS, Mac, Linux, and also available in the Web version.

App: Link


  • The Quizlet seems like a fairly simple tool for making flashcards. Moreover, you can experience the practice of paper flashcards through this app. It works on platforms such as Android, iOS, and Web versions. Additionally, this app provides thousands of flashcards and it’s helpful to the users to learn vocabulary for different languages.
  • In this app, you can simply create your own flashcards. This application offers the user to surf online flashcards developed by a wide variety of people. Quizlet offers the learning methods in the terms of quiz making, playing games, or just by flipping the set of cards.

App: Link


StudyStack - Flashcard App for Android
  • Discover the gamified app for learning? Then StudyStack is a perfect choice. This app offers lots of gamified learning methods. You can play puzzles, matching words, crosswords, hangman, Hungry Bug, and more. Like other flashcard apps, you can able to see many pre-made flashcards here and interact with them. This app section mainly integrates learning with gaming.
  • It offers the tools like Create new net, Edit this set, my sets and search online sets. It seems many of your actions will accomplish within these tools. If you want to play a game, Meanwhile you want to learn means you can undoubtedly prefer this app. It is free and available on familiar platforms like Android and iOS.

App: Link

Cram Falshcard
Cram Flashcard App
  • The Cram com is one of the best flashcard apps available for free of cost. The users can use this application in both modes of online and offline. It has a library of 75 million flashcard decks inside the app. You can add the favorite sets for future use. It is pretty simple to create our own flashcards on
  • Similar to the Anki app, it uses the Space repetition method to retrieve the answers. Additionally, you can subscribe to get an interesting feature on this app. But the free version itself contains almost all the kinds of stuff to learn with flashcards simply. It offers three modes to view your cards namely regular, memorize, and cram mode.

App: Link

Tiny cards – Flashcards by Duolingo

Tinycards - Best Flashcard App for Android
  • The Tiny cards, the name of the app itself give the transparent meaning of simple flashcards. It includes a wide variety of concepts and different subject matters. However, It is an effective Flashcard app that follows the space repetition methods like many of the apps follow.
  • It lets you create your flashcards and add text or an image to the flashcard. You can able to store the created flashcards decks privately or else publish them to the world publicly. Tiny cards are ad-free and user-oriented app on the Internet. It is free of cost and available on the android, iOS, and web platforms.

App: Link

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To sum up, this article recommended the above-stated flashcard apps which suit your expectations. Explore it now on your compatible device. Moreover, the installation process is quite simple and anyone can easily create their style of flashcard decks. Install it in your smartphones to make it easy to use often. I hope, this article helps you to find the best flashcard app for your learning purpose.

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