The 10 Best Drawing Apps for Apple Pencil for Effective Drawing [2022]

Welcome to Yashmi Geeks!… Drawings have never lost their charm of attracting the onlookers. Further, it has evolved into a complex but yet pleasing form. Any more in the present world, numerous technologies are made available. For instance, numerous apps and editors are available online to make the drawings more attractive. Today, let us see the best drawing apps for Apple pencil. Also, If you are interested in Drawing Apps for Android and have a minute to look into it.

The Apple pencils are specially used for Apple iPads. Moreover, we use Apple pencils for navigating, drawing, note making. It works as a normal pencil on the screen of iPads. In addition, another stunning feature and specification of Apple pencil is, it allows the user to write over screenshots. Above all the Apple pencil has numerous added features that make it more special.

Features of Apple pencil

#1. Users can write or draw over the screenshots taken in iPads.

#2. Also the makeup feature helps the user to write up using the apple pencil across the operating system.

#3. Draw, write, add captions or sketch using the Apple pencil

#4. Any first or third party app is compatible with Apple pencil ( note: it should be an app designed for writing drawing and sketching).

#5. Also helps to replace the fingertip for navigation.

#6. Above all advanced features are provided.

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Best Drawing Apps for Apple Pencil

The Best Drawing Apps for Apple Pencil
The Best Drawing Apps for Apple Pencil

However list of some of the apps that are best for the apple pencil is given below

#1. Procreate

#2. Linear sketch

#3. Affinity designer

#4. Adobe illustrator draw

#5. Adobe Photoshop sketch.

#6. Notability

#7. Pixelmator

#8. Pigment

#9. Adobe fresco

#10. Shapr

Procreate – The Best Drawing Apps for Apple Pencil

Procreate - The Best Drawing Apps for Apple Pencil

This app is mainly for professionals. And it helps them to work flawlessly with the apple pencil. In addition, it is also considered to be a powerful app. And the users can use it for sketching, painting, and all other illustrations. Moreover, the cost of the Procreate app is $10 in the app store.


#1. Exclusive tools like the dual texture brushes and immediate responsive smudging tools are available.

#2. Also one can create their own tool in this app.

#3. In addition users are provided with high resolution canvases.

#4. This app also supports time-lapse replays. And thus users can send it to their favorite streaming service.

#5. Users can access stunning 64 bit color

#6. Also 250 levels of undo and redo facility.

#7. Availability of over 100 customizable settings for every brush.

#8. Above all it also provides an advanced layering system.

App Store:

Linea Sketch – Good Drawing Apps for Apple Pencil

Linea Sketch - The Top Drawing Apps for Apple Pencil
Linea Sketch

The linear sketch has a simple interface. And it provides users with varied powerful tools. Further, the users can bring out perfect shapes in this app. In addition, sketches can be exported easily. This app will be useful for both professionals and other non-professionals. And also this app is available for free in the App store.


#1. Users can access the facility of easy export of files

#2. Availability of elegant layers

#3. In addition the users are provided with iCloud sync

#4. They are also provided with improved accessibility while drawing over Voice Over.

#5. Moreover, adjustable background and paper texture is available.

#6. Creation of custom color settings.

#7. Also the touch eraser is accessible

App Store:

Adobe Photoshoot sketch

Adobe Photoshoot Sketch
Adobe Photoshoot Sketch

This app focuses on traditional sketching, painting, and drawing. Moreover, users will find almost 24 built in brushes (adjustable). Further, the availability of stencils gives way to perfect curves of high-resolution images. Users can get this app for free.


#1. Availability of adjustable inbuilt brushes

#2. In addition user can access high resolution images

#3. Further users can merge photos with drawing layers

#4. One can get perfect shapes are curves using the stencils

#5. Also the user can purchase more storage (20 GB for $ 1.99 US dollars for a month)

#6. Above all the graphic grids and the perspective allows the user to keep art lined up properly.

App Store:

Affinity Designer

Affinity Designer

This app will be more useful for those who want to create vector graphics. Further, this app is easy and convenient to make use of. There are numerous smart tools available in this app. Also, the user can create vector graphics for marketing materials, websites, UI design, etc. Above all this app helps in creating all these graphics. This app costs $20 in the App store.


#1. Fast performance with great accuracy

#2. Access to advanced storage and sharing facility

#3. There is precise vector tools

#4. Availability of sophisticated typography

#5. Advanced grid, snapping and alignment

#6. Availability of perfect color and output

#7. Access to live pixel preview

App Store:

To conclude

Therefore these are the major apps that can be used for drawing using the Apple pencil. Many other apps are also available other than the above-listed apps. Thus it is the user who had to decide. The user should choose the app to be used. Hurry and install the apps and enjoy using the Apple pencil.

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