The 5 Best Nintendo 3DS Homebrew Apps to use in 2022

Best 3DS Homebrew Apps: Have you bought the 3ds game console? Then look here to install all the necessary homebrew applications in your console. Since the hand-held 3d gaming console produced by Nintendo. The 3ds is otherwise called Nintendo 3ds. Through homebrew applications, you can able to improve the performance of the system. Along with the gaming apps, 3ds supports all the other essential applications. Take a glance at this article and decide whichever you want to install in your console.

What is Homebrew?

Before going to explore the 3ds apps, you need to know the small gist of Homebrew applications. Homebrew is a software that allows the user to work with unofficial files or unreleased games. There are thousands of homebrew applications available on the online market. But you have to be careful to pick up the perfect apps.

Homebrew supports all kinds of stuff without bothering about license or authorization. Thus you should be concerned with the selective apps to be installed in your console. This article suggests the necessary homebrew applications for the 3ds console. Shall we go through the features of few essential apps one by one? Here we go.

Best 3ds Homebrew Apps 2021

best 3ds homebrew Apps
Best 3ds homebrew Apps
  • 3Ds Homebrew Browser
  • 3Ds Paint
  • CTRXplorer
  • Reddit
  • FTPony

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3Ds Homebrew Browser

3ds homebrew browser - best 3ds homebrew Apps
3ds homebrew browser

First of all, let us start with the browsing homebrew application. As we all knew that every smartphone or computer comes up with a pre-made browser. Browser is all we need in any kind of console. Likewise, the 3ds homebrew browser is the most recommended one for download and install any other apps for the 3ds system.

After the installation of desired apps and Softwares, the browser helps to save the downloaded stuff directly on the device. Thus it provides direct access to the applications with a simple user interface. It is quite simple to browse all kinds of stuff in this app. That’s why this app is most favorable for the users, who want to explore newly released applications day by day.

3Ds Paint

3ds paint
3ds paint

Secondly, we are going to discuss the 3Ds paint application. This paint application works well with the standard features like drawing, editing the image, working with shapes, color palette, and so on. All the drawings can be saved on the SD card.In addition to that, it replaces the file manager for your console. It is pretty simple to store all the local drawing stuff in local storage for future use.

3d paint not only works as a paint tool but also works as a file manager. It stores the drawings in the .bmp image format in your local storage area. With this app, you can draw any of your art and erase it wherever you want.

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CTRexplorer - Best 3ds homebrew Apps

We all have file explorer in our hand-in devices as well as computers. Right?Because we know the frequent usage of the file explorer. Likewise, the CTRXplorer is an awesome app that is designed to serve as a file explorer for Nintendo Console. The highlight of this particular app is its virtual keyboard. Moreover, it is an open-source file managing application that works well for 3ds.

You can able to do all the basic and advanced file managing options on this app. It includes copying the files, moving from source to destination, deleting the unwanted files, rename the files, creating directories for files, view, and edit as per your wish. CTRXplorer is a great functional tool for generating better performance of the console.



If you spend most of your time on Internet, then you must come across the platform named Reddit. It is another great homebrew application, available on both iOS and Android devices. However, Reddit lets you raise your voice in the Reddit community, posting queries and get the answers back too. Also, Reddit has a massive collection of user base across the Internet world.

Reddit has impressive features and options. That includes subreddits, threads, links, news feeds, current events, discussions, and more. Once you entered into Reddit, you must go with some unknown information. Since, it is well-known for informative websites. Furthermore, it allows the user to put votes for the desired post and share them with your friends. Pick this impressive application for your 3Ds console.


FTPony is an excellent homebrew app for your 3ds console systems. Usually, we need to transfer the files to a required destination. File Transfer Protocol is simply abbreviated as FTP. It aims to work with managing and transferring the files.FTPony serves as a File transferring server and uses for transfer the files without removing and replacing the SD card. It reduces the manual work and does the job well. FTP is truly a time-saving tool. You need not reinsert the SD card to transfer the files. To use this app, you must have some basic computer knowledge.

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Bottom Line

To finish up, All the above-mentioned apps are necessary to be installed to achieve better functionality of the 3Ds console. Each application is competitive with one another. Pick the right one to boost up your console. That’s all with this article. I hope this write-up helps you to pick out the best 3ds homebrew applications. Install all the above-discussed apps to experience the variety of features and functionalities of each application.

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