What Channel is Bally Sports on DirecTV?

How can I miss watching my favorite sport, being a College Football lover? So as a new subscriber to DirecTV, I searched Bally Sports channel on my Streaming service.

Similarly, I would also like to watch College Football, Basketball, and other sport. So, Bally Sports is the best platform to stream those on my Streaming service.

It sounds like you people have the same doubt as me. Successfully, I searched Bally Sports and started enjoying my favorite sport on my TV. That’s why I wanted to share what I found in my search. Hence follow my write-up to watch the games.

What Channel is Bally Sports on DirecTV?

You don’t have to wonder about the availability of  Bally Sports as Direc TV includes the respective channel with its Satellite and Stream Packages. But always ensure you have a valid subscription to a package with Regional Sports Networks.

Also, you should verify the channel name and number based on your region; The Network provides streaming according to location, so the channels vary by region. Thus, I have specified channels and numbers for most of the areas. Note down the appropriate channel and make use of it.

Bally Sports on DirecTV
What Channel is Bally Sports on DirecTV?

Streaming Service: DirecTV

Channel Name (region-wise): Bally Sports Midwest, Kanas City, and Indiana

Streaming On- 671

Channel Name (region-wise): Bally Sports Southwest and New Orleans

Streaming On- 676

Channel Name: Bally Sports North

Streaming On- 668

Channel Name: Bally Sports South

Streaming On- 646

Channel Name: Bally Sports Southeast

Streaming On- 649

Channel Name: Bally Sports West

Streaming On- 692

Info about DirecTV

DirecTV is a California-based multichannel video program provider in America. AT&T and TPG Inc. own the Network, and digital Satellite TV service is their primary service. Also, they provide IPTV service via the U-verse TV brand and virtual MVPD service under the brand DirecTV Stream.

Indeed, their television service offers HD channels and is the first to offer 4K ultra HD content. The streaming service includes almost all local media, and they own regional sports Networks in the name of AT&T.

Besides their AT&T Sports Networks, they carry other Regional Sports Networks, including Fox, CBS, ESPN, Bally Sports, and more. Moreover, they own minority shares of a few Sports Networks and serve most US Airlines.

Plans and Prices of DirecTV

DirecTV is the best seat in the home for Sports fans as they deliver most live sports 4K HDR and Regional Sports Networks (RSN). Their standard features include local channels, Genie HD DVR, reliability, and special offers for premium Networks.

However, the service gives us a choice with various packages. But In case people want to stay connected with vibrant RSN, I advise them to prefer the pack other than DirecTV’s Entertainment as other packs have almost all RSN. So, Take a look at the Subscription packs of DirecTV.

Entertainment: This value-priced Essential comes at $64.99 per month, with 165+ channels.

Choice: The most popular package and is the best for Sports. This is priced at $69.99 per month with 200+ channels.

Ultimate: Besides Sports, this plan is perfect for families and movie lovers. It costs $89.99/ month, which includes 270+ channels.

Premier: This will be suitable if we want the features of all packages and some premium networks. This is priced at $139.99 per month and provides 340+ channels.

Notable Shows of Bally Sports

Bally Sports telecast College Football and Basketball, Tennis tournaments, Volley Ball, Hockey, and other sports. In addition, they include the Atlantic Coast Conference, Missouri Valley Conference, and Auto Nation Orange Bowl basketball.

Apart from these National programming, they have some popular TV shows trending among people. I have listed some indications below.

  • Breaking par
  • Browns Red Zone
  • The Card Life
  • Epic Trials
  • Made for the Outdoors


Finally, we have come to the concluding part of this write-up. So, always check that you have subscribed to a valid regional Sports Networks package. Furthermore, remember that the channel numbers for Bally Sports may vary based on region. I have mentioned some for most of the areas for your reference. Hopefully, ending the article after all.

Common Questions

How to Watch Bally Sports without cable?

Doubtlessly, It is possible to watch Ballysports without cable via their official site and BallySports+ App. Both Android and iOS support the app. Also, it is available on streaming devices like Roku, Xbox One, Apple TV, Android TV, and Amazon Fire TV.

What Channel is Bally Sports Ohio on DirecTV?

The BallySports Ohio is telecasted on channel number 660 for DirecTV Subscribers. However, the channel numbers for Bally Sports vary based on region. So, always check according to your area.

What Channel is Bally Sports Wisconsin on DirecTV?

DirecTV streams BallySports Wisconsin on channel number 669. This channel streaming will be changed based on location. So, check the channel that is suitable for your region.

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