How to Add and Watch Amazon Prime Video on Roku? [Updated Guide]

Looking for non-stop entertainment? Here we go. In this article, we are going to take a look at one of the most famous legal services from Amazon. Yes! It’s Amazon Prime. Prime video includes lots of valuable services. That too can install in ROKU streaming players gives endless fun. We have come across many streaming players. But watching prime videos on Roku gives fruitful eye-sight for the viewers. Further reading helps you to know more about Prime video on Roku Device.

Roku is one of the best streaming devices. Users can watch their favorite streaming channels, live streams in Roku. There are different versions of Roku arrived so far. Every Roku media player comes up with a remote controller. Handling this device is just like using the Smart TV with remote.


Prime video specially made for prime members to watch unlimited exclusive content. It is the platform to watch online streaming videos. Prime members are the users who paid to get all the prime services available. It offers contents such as watching the latest movies, exclusive trailers, series, TV shows, Blockbuster series, kids shows, live streams, etc in Amazon prime. To get prime membership you should pay Rs. 999/year in India. This also offers the free trial option for 30 days to the users who are all unpaid.


  • It shows recommendations based on the recently watched videos. Depends on the watch history, the watch’s next category displays related videos.
  • It works on regional language-based content. So that we can add subtitles and also customize the caption looks.
  • User-friendly interface to search titles easily like Kids, ad-free music, movies, playlists, Originals, TV shows, newly released films, and so on.
  • To get prime membership you need to pay just $8.99/month or $107.88/year.
  • Prime members can able to share their membership with friends and family members using the Household option.
  • All the shared users can create up to five individual profiles in one account.
  • It has two more options to watch online, such as rent or purchase videos for those non-Amazon Prime members.
  • It offers an offline mode to watch downloaded videos at any time.
  • To know more about salient features  available in Amazon  prime  video visit this page

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Roku device supports all the streaming channels, especially Prime video. It’s easy to install or add a prime video on Roku. Prime Video provides unlimited streaming of movies, TV episodes to the paid members. Members can also add subscriptions to streaming entertainment channels. Here are the simple steps to add a prime video to Roku.

Amazon Prime Video on Roku
How to Add and Watch Amazon Prime Video on Roku?

STEP1: Switch on your Roku device and make sure with Internet access.

STEP2: Take the Roku remote, press the Home button.

STEP3: Below the HOME menu, you can choose the Streaming Channels option.

STEP4: In-Channel Store, you can see Prime video or else use the Search option to find Prime video.

STEP5: Prime video prompts you to choose the Add channel option. Click to access the channel on the Roku device.  

Add Prime Video channel to Roku
Add Prime Video channel to Roku

Now, Prime Video successfully added in your Roku streaming player.


Adding a Prime video channel alone is not enough to watch streaming videos. To get prime services, you need to register in the Amazon Prime account. So that prime members can access subscriptions easily. Here are the guidelines to watch Amazon prime video on the Roku device. Don’t miss out following steps.

STEP1: Initially, launch the Prime video channel in the channel store using the above steps.

STEP2: As soon as open the channel it shows the Sign-in tab. Sign in with your username and password. The activation code will display on the Roku TV screen.

STEP3: Open the official Amazon website to register your prime account. You can use this official amazon website to reach the amazon platform. Enter your email address and amazon password and click Sign-In. Now you get a login to Prime Video account.

STEP4: Then you will need to enter the activation code on the Amazon website which is displayed on the Roku TV screen.

STEP5: At last, you can refresh prime video on your Roku TV. Now, You can start streaming videos at any time. It’s quite easy to watch the prime video in Roku. Hence the above procedures should have done properly.

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Can you get amazon prime video on Roku?

Yes, Of course. If you have a prime membership, you can undoubtedly access Amazon prime videos on Roku TV. You just need to install Amazon prime video and enter the activation code shown on Roku TV. You can add many subscriptions and access all the premium features.

Why is prime video not working on Roku?

For overcoming prime video issues on Roku, you suppose to use the updated version.


Checking for update the software or if you want to know any current version exists, then click manually the following:

Settings  -> System -> System Update-> Select Check Now.

If any new version found, the update screen displays the build version along with the date and time of the latest update. Moreover, check your Internet connection without having any interruptions. If this is not workout, then unplug your Roku device and set it up again.


Sign out the prime video from Roku is quite different. Follow the below steps for clarifying your queries.

STEP1: Go to the home screen of your prime video channel on your Roku Device.

STEP2: Press the D-pad button on Roku remote to highlight the settings option on the screen then press the OK button.

STEP3: Then highlight Deregister Your Device option in the settings menu then press OK.

STEP4: It asks you, Are you sure want to deregister your Roku from your Amazon account? Highlight the Deregister your device option using Roku remote and press OK.

STEP5: It again shows a pop-up menu for confirming that deregister your device. Click ok.

STEP6: FinallySuccess window appears, which conforming that you have successfully deregistered this device and logged out of Amazon account from the Roku device.

STEP7: Now, you can successfully sign out of prime on the Roku device. If you again want to re-install prime then it prompts to log in with your username and password.


Hoping this article satisfies all of your queries about the prime video on the Roku device. You can make use of it while the installation process. Enjoy your prime membership by trying all the available features provided by Amazon. Follow up your subscription and keep on getting entertainments.

Those are the essential guidelines to install and watch prime videos on Roku streaming player. After watching everything you need to logout. The steps to sign out from the prime video also given above. So you need not worry about the logout process. Now, it’s time to stream your favorite content on Roku!!!

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